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Men's clothing maker'sHaruyamaHas been collaborating with Evangelion several times before, but as "Spring / Summer line-up of 2014" "Business bag" first machine color "will be released on May 1st. The first machine is a purple color as the base and I think what it is like as a business bag, but it is calm in the design which seems to be problematic even if it is used properly as a business bag although it is coloring like the first machine properly. The size is 41 cm in width × 31 cm in height × 10 cm in depth, including tax of 15,500 yen.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Weighed 1 kg, I tried to make "Handmade Puccin Pudding" of 10 times the normal size - GIGAZINE

Is there a high risk that pornographic website browsing really infects malware? - GIGAZINE

11 ways to discover the cause of interrupting revenue within one day - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)

[Heartwarming] Types of outlets Watching images watches beyond expectations wwww: Kini speed

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Institutional fatigue of scientific evaluation system clarified by STAP problem (upper) Why the winner continues to win: Masahiro Ono's blog Masahiro Ono's blog

Hiroyoshi Ashida (Vice President of Human Environment University, Vice President) "Paper copy is a regular in everyday life in humanities". A controversial remark on remarks made by Ms. Haruko Kosakata. New coverage on 2001: Reports of the angels

"A cup of cold soba" and the recent RIKEN riot - Daily Heiani

POPRO: Sasai and Shigeru Kondo and Professor Osaka University's Professor Summary

"Not Natsuke" Mr. Koppo replenishes NHK News

About this document, Professor Keiichi Nakayama of Kyushu University said to Professor Keiichi Nakayama of Kyushu University "First, the defense side screwed the interpretation that if the result is right, if the result is correct, even if cutting and pasting the image does not hurt the tampering It is false interpretation that can not be thought from the common sense of science by tampering itself in cutting and pasting data. "
Regarding the image certified as Natsuko, "If the experiment is actually done and there is a real image, it should show primary data convinced by everyone, such as data that supports facts and experiment notes" is.

What do you do after obtaining doctor's degree? - Are you waiting for me?

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The darkness of wartime ship history in the back of Mr. ktgohan under "MOL vessel foreclosure" - Togetter Summary

Selling merchandise-like goods with a Daiso style brand name and a UNIQLO style logo The most popular shop in Japan "MINISO name creation superior" is attractive: market situation kabu full force 2 stories

【Reading "Deep · Back · Slant"】 Entrance Ceremony of Homeroom Teacher Absence Problem Public and Personal, Floating Essential Theory + (1/4 Page) - MSN Sankei News

"World's fastest elevator" 72 km / h NHK News

Turkey, proprietary URL ttt review www elaborate strengthen management: Asahi Shimbun Digital

US-Japan Summit Meets TPP in President Obama, Prime Minister Abe Leads to Security with Security | Yoichi Takahashi "Deep Stories of News" | Contemporary Business [Kodansha]

Shikoku Shinkansen local plans plan Complete NHK News

To prepare the Shinkansen bullet train in Shikoku, local plans to set the project cost to about 1.7 trillion yen will be settled, and it will be possible for the four prefectures of Shikoku and JR Shikoku to earn a profitable business, I am doing it.

Korean sinking ship, suicide killing suicide "I am responsible" and wills - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

Ame-mura: On the illegal terrace packed self-governing association "dangerous" on the store side "popular" - Mainichi Newspaper

In downtown area of ​​Osaka · Minami, American village (Amemura), there are an increasing number of eating and drink establishing terrace seats on the road. While popular among tourists, it hinders the passage of pedestrians and cars, which is illegal. The local residents' association, in cooperation with the Osaka prefectural police began to ask the store side to remove it, but there is no sign of responding to the store side.

Current affairs dot com: veteran captain of 20 years of history = false escape as "general citizen" - A suspect

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Human Resources Blog of Yodobashi Corporation Co., Ltd.: New employees retired. (Prequel) | 【Rikunabi if hiring in 2015】 Employment activity / recruitment information site of new graduates / already graduated

New employees retired.
Only 10 days after joining the company.

Reason for retirement that "This company felt it would not suit me".
Because it was a too vague reason, I asked what exactly how I felt it would not fit.

Human Resources Blog of Yodobashi Corporation Co., Ltd.: New employees retired. (Part 2) | 【Rikunabi if you can hire 2015】 Employment activity · Recruitment information site for new graduates / already graduated

[Article] Korean maritime BIP blog seen from a certain marine technician

My husband suddenly decided to die! Summary of my feelings and actions at that time 1 (Facts / Part 1) / Mr. Onumi | STORYS.JP

A story of a strong fellow who threw three sons into Kyoto University without going through high school or cram school / Yasunobu Kotobuki | STORYS.JP

Are Japanese enjoying the declining birthrate and aging population?: Nikkei Business Online

A scholarship that I can not return even if I want to return it. The problem of employment of young people behind it etc. (4/13 rally summary) - Togetter Summary

The fact that foreigners came to Japan and was disappointed, overwhelmingly ranked as "English can not communicate": Money News 2ch

Miyan Hagiwara's expression of "pushed" could not be communicated, but that is the dialect of Hokkaido - story of a TV arch

Teach karaoke communal disasters how to improve in a short period of time: philosophy news nwk

I can not hide embarrassment with too much awfulness of "Demon principle of study": Mind map reading comment sentence

A topic on the Internet with "this is a society of Jap" drawn by Americans: super gold preliminary bulletin

NHK 【ETV Special】 Drafting people April 26, Saturday, April 26, 11 pm, Rebroadcast: May 3, 2014 (Saturday) 0:00 am (Friday late night)

"What if you were going to bring only one book to an uninhabited island?"
Choose a book with many people in this question.
It is a dictionary. I express everything in this world with just words. The dictionary which expresses everything in words alone, nature, human mind, concrete and abstract is, as it were, a microcosm.

In the program, I got closer to the revision work of a dictionary special publisher for half a year. Add new words, change existing items, delete words that are unnecessary. In a new era when new words are born and disappears, revision is a way to breathe a new life into a dictionary.

Check those who are not good at telling! Learning from [Ikegami Akira], 4 things to understand clearly - Life hack blog Ko's Style

Graveyard of married people: When cleaning my husband's room there was a coat of bullma and a sailor suit. I wore it and got stuck in the entrance and I waited for my husband ...

Teacher's mental illness tripled in 10 years · depression 2.5 times of enterprises - world lowest education expenditure = black education breaks down students - Togetter Summary

Escort ship curry: 1 tenth of citizen's 10,000 submarine troops in Yokosuka - Mainichi Newspaper

Do not say at all after changing jobs! NG word to turn around the enemy in a moment | Do not regret at all with this! Job change training course from 35 years old | Diamond Online

Previously, among the people working in a change job agent, the secret word "Akiaki (Akihabara)" was frequently used. This is a word that refers to a person who invites a rebound by saying "in the previous company" when you change jobs and start working in a new workplace.

Data Eye: Would you like to be born again as a man or a woman?

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Girls mobile phones in 2000 | Rio Yasuda | note

We will reveal PV and income and so on immediately after dismissal and becoming a blogger. Because it is now it is possible to say so | jMatsuzaki

Shell that burned fire of naoya_ito tips - Togetter Summary

I will share what I noticed after trying gacha project with the topic Web service "note" | Tamkaizumu

Japan's first introduction of 'carrier aggregation' | 2014 | KDDI CORPORATION

[Verification] How long does the SSD life span shrink when used for 4 to 5 years

Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos looked at vulnerability of OpenSSL and got unauthorized access - summarized the case - piyolog

Open source does not pay off work. But do it. - About cats and C # Write matarillo's note

I receive dozens of emails each week. All they ask is, "How can I relate to open source?" Apparently everyone seems to expect that my answer would be "write code" or "send pull request", or in some cases "help with document writing".

Actually, it is not all that you can do. What everyone should do is to read. To absorb it. To understand. Welcome, accept, be kind. Provide thoughtful analysis and ask questions. Avoid words that may lead to exaggeration or flames. To comment on the issue, show code example. To help others.

Blog posts are engines that run community. Open source commit, document writing, promotion, sample, lecture, and code fragments are certainly important. However, being involved in open source does not necessarily mean "to fork a project and send a huge pull request reflecting your view of the world". Sometimes it is sometimes important to do something simple. Writing a governance document, summarizing a conference call, or reading thoroughly before asking questions with GitHub's huge issue thread.

Why do you do this? It is not for motivating or for money. Because we are a builder. Anyone would like to join us. There are many things to do.

Blogging 88% drastically reduced ... Due to 3 months and a half opening, PV steadily prolonged due to the posting of "an article" triggered momentarily

Senior high school student's smart circumstances! | INS-MAGAZINE.NET

Domestic full-text search engine Groonga vs World prevailing Elasticsearch - CreateField Blog

How about the cost effectiveness of LINE official account? LINE fan acquisition unit price seems to be low after all! 【Disclose calculation results】

【Digital Exploration Corps of Hideo Ishii】 Personal Experience Programming Classroom Exclusive for Girls Elementary School Students ~ Creating original program using Scratch with camera function - PC Watch

The dream bike sharing system that started in Yokohama "baybike" is too fucking reason: Sazanami disintegration

Starting today Today Android: How to enter comfortably with Android? --- Let's use Japanese input application and mushroom application (1/4) - ITmedia Mobile

Small Long Tea Center: Why did Apple's device escape the damage of Heartbleed?

Press Release Presentation: Delivery Delivery Delivery Service "d Delivery" Begins | NTT Docomo

[LINE NEWS] Strengthen initiatives towards "layers that do not use news applications" Launched "LINE NEWS DIGEST" to deliver topical news from the official account in digest format

I tried 'Google Blockly'! Visual programming language offered by Google | TechAcademy magazine

Sandbox seen from the viewpoint of malware: real feeling with legal malware "Difference between real and sandbox" (1/3) - @ IT

Stripe: ingenuity of payment flow animation - Wazanova | wazanova

Reviews Yelp, Challenge of the 10th Year | Weekly Toyo Economy | Toyo Keizai Online | Business Site for New Generation Leader

»Familiar typeface: Comic Sans Toshi Omagari

Bitcoin company raised 2.6 billion yen: Nikkei Business Online

NHK Special "The way to the decommissioning furnace" is terrible # nhk - Togetter Summary

TDiary, 13 years old. Finally wrapping - Just a moment ago (2014-04-20)

It is now 13 years since I began developing tDiary today (it is because the date changed according to the example). After dinner (according to tDiary's color) green tea cake.

To the goal of the project that it will continue for 25 years, I cut the other half * 1. When I look at this, I still have a long way to go. Well, development will continue as long as I need a diary, and I can hardly imagine at the moment that the day will come when I will not need a diary.

Thinking about high-res music distribution - music production technology memo

Introducing MathJax in WordPress to display Japanese | I will not do today tomorrow

What was eventually the quantum computer "D-Wave" purchased by Google / NASA - Future Insight

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On the matter that Curry Panaman and Food Pan Man became perfect supporting committee unnoticed: a castle not castle

Journal of Doujinshi (centered around the early 1980s) - Togetter Summary

Miyoshinbo: Yamaoka and Yuyama make "true reconciliation" series 31 years - MANTANWEB (Mantan web)

Yamaoka had been studying in the former father · Yuyama since childhood, but in the setting that she jumped out of the house, a scene of hatred was hitherto drawn. However, as the story goes on, Yamaoka softened his attitude, for example, by knowing the strong bond between Yuyama and her mother. In the magazine of 2008, scenes of "reconciliation" where wine was sent from Oyama to Shiro were drawn.

This time there are scenes where the two meet directly at the place of memories and Yamaoka puts a decisive word to Yuyama. Also on the last page is a sentence of "a real settlement that came between the father and the child".

"Tamako Makeup" Screening & Production Staff · Talk Event (Naoko Yamada Director, Taichi Ogawa, Mingyo Takeda) Report - Quiet corner of forgotten garden - Forsaken Gardens-

【1st Gundam】 Woman · · · - Togetter Summary

I tried to play Cthulhu myths trpg 【Rules】 | INS-MAGAZINE.NET

Budo Takami: "Fist of the North Star" Actually it was a tightrope 26 years ago hint to collect "took out" - MANTANWEB (MANTAN web)

【Crayon Shinchan】 Screenwriter, Nakajima Kazuki heard the father "Hiroshi Nohara" is hot as a man, reason (1/3) - Uere Pia Research Institute

"Candy crush" King launched Japanese branch office to send content from Japan to the world - King Japan Co., Ltd. General manager Mr. Hironori Hanji | era of managerial contractors | Diamond Online

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
【Kansai's argument】 No serif, the 71-year-old who was slain by 50 thousand times "First cut in Japan" plays for the first time in the movie first prize ... Showing the hold of the "last samurai" declining along with "the period drama" (1/3 page ) - MSN sanctuary west

Next · Introducing the excellent knife fighting scene of movies - Explosive and steel

【2ch】 New speed quality: 【image】 Kiyohara of former giant is dangerous wwwwww

USJ's Harry Potter area, opened on July 15th! It is! | INS-MAGAZINE.NET

【Image】 Female elementary school student who loves drama "Aibo", tough thing with appearance of Mr. Nozaka himself wwwwww: Untitled document

【I want to go once before my death】 21 world football stadiums that can feel authentic 21 (large number of images): footballnet 【Football summary】

Egyptian ability income talks, how to divide an unpleasant job "Work is a consideration to receive money by unfounded things" | The world is made of figures

Akashiya Sanama talks, comedy monster · Akashiya Sanama family grew up | The world is made of figures

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
'Kazusuke Shiriko' (Prior to the Chubu region on April 28, released nationwide on May 19 th) | News | Nissin Food Group

"Moist cake Setouchi lemon's cheesecake" (Prior sale in the middle Shikoku district on April 28, released nationwide on May 12 th) | News | Nissin Food Group

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