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movies"Amazing Spider-Man 2"Will be released from 25th April," Spider - Man "appeared in Osaka following the previous work. last timeTsutenkakuAs I climbed, this timeUmeda Sky BuildingI showed off the performance that I can climb the outside of the see-through escalator in. This escalator connects to the 35th floor part 140 meters above the ground and 39th floor part to 160 meters above the ground, the length is 45 meters. In the middle of the way there are also scenes that pose for tourists and collecting staff gathered in this way. Even if you look from a safe position it will make you horrifying performance without fail, it is a hero as expected.

In this movie 'Amazing Spider-Man 2', Electro, Green Goblin and Rhino will attack the Spider-Man with tags, but how do Spidermans fight and why they will target Spiderman ...... .

The appearance that "Spiderman, appearing in front of the Umeda sky building" and climbing the sky building was like this.

Spider-Man climbs the escalator outside Umeda Sky Building 140 m above the ground - YouTube

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

How to manage "that" that keeps ringing in your head - GIGAZINE

Underground station full of individuality such as fantastic station and gorgeous station 15 - GIGAZINE

Just putting the tofu and chinning will make full-fledged "Sundubu Tige" "Tofu Hamburger's Japanese Sack Sack" completed Kikkoman's freshly made My Deli and tried it - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
Crocodiles get caught 2 hours after escape from a restaurant and go to zoo Okinawa: Asahi Newspaper Digital

Sorry for the lyrics of the classic which is too inferior ... "Will NHK broadcast properly?": Wataratanikki

Sexy foreign body in Tara's stomach, Norwegian fisherman discovered 3 photos International News: AFPBB News

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
What was "injustice" of STAP cells: Organic Chemistry Museum / Branch Office

However, when I saw the interview on the 9th, I was surprised that the majority of the people who said "I convinced Mr. Oshima's remarks" and "I believed what she said" was a majority. Even in a questionnaire on the net (*), even in examination by television program, there was a result that 6 to 70% of people support Mr. Kozo. I felt that there was a lot of deviation, so I will dare to write about this subject.

(※) As of 12th April the result of the vote is reversed, it seems that "I was not satisfied" is a majority.

Is there STAP cell? - NHK Closeup Hyundai

"It is different from reality to put things that are not there.
What is unacceptable in the scientific world.
Scientifically out. "

Riken Kokubu Haruko Research Unit Leader
"I would like to continue my research."

Suspicions deepening around STAP cells.
It is an urgent report that approaches that truth.

STAP Recommendation to prevent recurrence in mind ... RIKEN Reform Commission: Science: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

According to the Kishi chairman who gave a news conference after the meeting, urgently examining 3 points: <1> rules to prevent research fraud <2> management system to protect the rule <3> public relations approach. Mr. Kishi said, "Even though we are notified to leave laboratory notes, there are laboratories that are not performing," even if there are provisions, revealed the fact that they are not protected.

Financial diary: "Barrenness of the question" Do you have STAP cells? "

It turned out that the appendix was not an unnecessary long article | Slashdot Japan

【Presentation】 How to make presentation materials for laboratory announcement 【For beginners】

RIKEN and Mr. Koppo additional document request ... re-survey judgment material: science: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Right side of the bicycle Violation of traffic violation deprivation NHK News

Four months have passed since the revised Road Traffic Law was enforced, which prohibited running on the right side road belt when a bicycle runs on a road with sidewalks on both sides without sidewalks, the Metropolitan Police Department was informed of the revision of the law As from this month onwards, we will proceed with arrest for malicious offenders.

Chile Valparaiso evacuated more than 5,000 fire NHK News

【Rhythm】 Crouching on Manico campaign in 'City of Sex' Campaign of power struggle Shadow hidden in China + (1/4 page) - MSN Sankei News

Paul Krugman "Glass Heartless Millionaires in the U.S: It is uncontrollable if Mr. Deng is powerful"? Economics 101

Friendly panda, South Korean conflict worsens in Belgian fires: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Were Christ married? "Wife" in the early description, 3 pictures presented by Professor Harvard University International News: AFPBB News

【Moeu Japanese History Course】 Anatomy "Himikoshi's grave", turned out to be "huge step structure" by laser measurement ... What is the "real image" of the Yamato administration as seen from the latest achievement (1/4 page) - MSN Sankei West

Whaling Issue - Whale · Clipping: Deciding on ICJ's defeat is a suicide bombing by the Minister of Fisheries Agency - whaling Nippon with stigma engraved on the history of international trial

Open blog: ◆ essence of whaling problem

Governor Matsui: intention to list the Osaka subway, over 600 billion yen - regenerated with privatization (1) - Bloomberg

Blood-filled neck corpse deity Tokorozawa in junior high school art room | Nittele NEWS 24

Everyone charged with real name! Detected Ikuro Hakamada's crime, criminal prosecutor, judge | Economic blind spot | Contemporary business [Kodansha]

TSUTOKU "facts not decided" as a specialty - TSE, strengthen information disclosure - Bloomberg

Deliberately leave the car inside the railroad crossing or Sobu Line, stop the train 50 meters before - MSN Sankei News

84 years 10 months, Mr. Fujii to Mayor Ayakawa, the oldest head chief of Kagawa Prefecture: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Current affairs dot com: China, TPP Participation field of view = Earth-fighting in the free trade zone

Domestic electricity mass retailer NHK news by consumption trade-in price raised consumption tax increase

The Abe administration has expanded modern slave labor = foreign national practice system - the incidence of overworking death of foreign students is more than five times that of Japanese - Togetter Summary

What is the "US military relationship" in the United States who was prepared to confront with China at last? - Research on China Co., Ltd. (244): JBpress (Japan Business Press)

To make fiscal consolidation less than 10% consumption tax | Inflation rescues Japan | Toyo Keizai online | Business site for new generation leaders

U.S. Marine Corps commander in Japan "Capable of recapturing Senkaku" | Okinawa Times + Plus

Net Banking Corporate Account Damage Suddenly Increases NHK News

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Hard and indoor play of me and my daughter (2 years old). - Hanako's blog.

Asuki wiga, continuous death of mystery Akita's ranch, partly quarrels: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Will Thai insects save food crisis? NHK News

[With image] The content of the material dealt in by Rika Daishinagi is shocking wwwwww: Kinyaki

I was bullied by Konaka and girls, but wwwww

A student at the university (information system) does not realize that he has a very valuable experience, and a programmer who is not an information system (me) asks for academic knowledge of the information system someday - nobkz's blog

I went to 'Youth house exhibition' held in Mitte, a small grocery store in Hongo: Os Rosi

A Study on 'School Name with Low Deviation Value' - MEMORANDUM

What do you guys do when you become mentally spicy? | Life Hack Channel 2

"Because he is that kind of guy" aim for the frame! | Cultural office workers! | Toyo economic online | Business site for new generation leaders

The service the Japanese mail was secretly doing is hot! What is the revolutionary service that DM's reach probability increases? - Worker blog

I tried to write about the fact that young ladies are sorry, and that Oyasan spoils that it is crushing a woman trying hard on Majime. - Diary of Takeuchi laboratory

【Recommendation of consensus】 An easy-to-understand explanation of differences in reporting, contact, consultation

Customers are not pleased with the service "Naturally possible" Science to strengthen sales (2nd): JBpress (Japan Business Press)

Fantasy that the town factory has "skill of craftsmanship" - various kinds of maps

Think about 'way of thinking': DESIGN IT! W / LOVE

"Toilet joint. Bath co-op." Is a dream or reality - Polar bear waste basket

【There is a picture】 The most useful back side when hanging the sheets is the topic: Kinyaki

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Temporary tokage notes • Summary of 2 chore takeovers

Comike: "Let's take a look at the communication of niconico Windows 8 application" -. @ Daisuke_nomura's diary

How to accelerate Twitter retweets for blog posts - Life like a clown

NTT set back to the age of darkness if the ban on lifting is banned | Interview | Toyo Keizai online | Business site for new generation leaders

Challenge to unlock SIM! How to use MVNO by releasing SIM lock on iPhone 4 of SoftBank - Money coverage MoneyReport

Process of making your own website - MEMOGRAPHIX

ASCII.jp: Japan has also begun! The handshake meeting with Creamy Mami is amazing (1/2)

Presentation - Diary of hitode 909

Presentation Because I do not slip on my own, I think that I am good at it, so I will share what I am always watching. Even if it keeps even this, it will not slip and it will be easier.

I was surprised that the Kindle book was sold too much. And I noticed a long tail trap - a diary of UEI shi 3 z

Finally I bought Bitcoin / Monacoin with RMT. Then the way of thinking changed. . .

Five points where logo design creators frequently make mistakes | Small skills of Flips Blog Web

Look at the contents of SSL communication with Wireshark - A donkey is clogged with electrons

If you get a secret key at Heartbleed, you will see all the contents of SSL communication !! It is a situation that it seems to be the situation, but it is somewhat theoretically it does not understand the concrete procedure of what you understand is impossible.

Therefore, as a subject of this theme, as a theme, there is a concrete procedure of how to "unwind" the SSL communication with Wireshark when there is a secret key of the server and a pcap file which packet-captured SSL communication at hand, I think whether to put together a place to add places.

[MVNO SIM catalog [2014 Spring] ~ lowest SIM editing] - mobile phone Watch

Silicon Valley surprising discrimination culture | Takiguchi Noriko | Column & Blog | Newsweek Japan Official Site

To comprehend the object orientation of Java with Eva is super easy to understand: IT bulletin

Google Japan, will it be officially released SPYW (Search Plus Your World) at last? | Overseas SEO information blog

News - Kowong Japan, music player with built-in calorie analysis sensor: ITpro

I know how many! Is it? Ten sets of similar Web services in Japan and overseas - No Web Service No Life

[D]? Review - Amazon Fire Game Controller read receipt report

Summarized what I saw before starting Unreal Engine 4 - Dent Tips

How to measure Feedly's exact number of subscriptions and publish Feedly subscriptions for this blog - Because the sun was dazzling

Notes that when considering purchasing Xperia Z ultra, I thought about such things | F's Garage @ fshin 2000

Speed ​​has quadrupled when I made WiMAX parabolic antenna! It is! - Togetter Summary

"I missed it unfortunately": a devastating bug - an interview with a person who added Heartbleed «WIRED.jp

About 40,000 infected virus stealing virus infection NHK News

Book Worm: Super Tuning Festival

Super tuning festival

Tuning event scheduled to be held in Niconico Super Conference 3!
Tune your smartphone site of Nico Nico Douga with HTML / CSS / JavaScript front end!
(It is not judgment of display speed only! There is a user vote!)

Two days of incandescence betting the fastest seat in Nico Nico Douga history ...
Whose handsome luxury prizes and honors are in hand! Is it?

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
Director's failure report No. 1 story "Hana Girl Tackle" - YouTube

Mobile Suit Gundam UC episode 7 Promotional Video 02 [HD] [PlayStationRStore] - YouTube

Chinese daughter's diary: Moon Sun's photo collection discovered! It is! Is it?

Oshii Mamoru · Impression of live action version Patlabor, an animated version of scriptwriter · Kazunori Ito talks about - Togetter Summary

Long-term series "Karate Koiko" series is completed (censored). Every era, it surely ends. Next era ... - Invisible Dojo Honpo

Social games that also forsaken LINE: Nikkei Business Online

An industry group called "General Association Social Game Association (JASGA)" established around GREE and DeNA is headed for dissolution. That precursor? On March 31, LINE was quietly withdrawing from the association, one of the six major directors. President Ryo Morikawa of LINE has resigned from the association board.

【DQMSL】 Save data has disappeared, but it was saved by God support of Square management! | Musesh blog

【Image】 Ghibli & Disney Gender swapped fan art quality is a bad thing: Kini speed

2ch master Morishita Kurotsu "Human vs. computer should compete for technology versus technology"

1001 manga to read before dying: Commuter communication blog version

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Yoshihide Otomo "Nobody Sings a Song" Noise Talking "From the Standard at the Time Beatles Noise" (1/3) - Real Sound | Real Sound

Hirano Aya Triumph impressed by first starring Huluu uluul / entertainment bulletin / daily sports online

Five people first! SMAP "27 Hour Television" Comprehensive Chair, Nakai is also impressed (1/2 page) - Performing Arts Society - SANSPO.COM (Sansupo)

With me "LEGO (R) Movie" - The Cinema Show

Funding for Mr. Minori ...... Nai Nai Okamura's call for Takasu "I do not want to engage" | RBB TODAY

Kinoshita Masaaki's film critique "Act of Killing"

Watanabe Shunsuke enters the independent league "Continue to aim for success" - Sponichi Annex baseball

Leading class gradually withdraws Women's idol graduation list 2014: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Kameda confectionery, "Limited release of 100 g Happy Turn salt caramel taste"

"Cup Noodle European Cheese Curry" (released on April 28) | News | Nissin Food Group

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