It turns out that the asteroid "Kali Kraw" was an unusual asteroid with a ring

In a celestial body, there is a planet with a ring (ring) like Saturn, but it floats between Saturn and UranusasteroidIt was discovered that there are things in the ring. It is a very rare discovery as it has been thought that heavenly bodies with rings are large in size.

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Asteroids floating between Saturn and Uranus discovered in 1997CarrickTo orbit the orbit between Jupiter and NeptuneThe CentaursIt is known that it is the largest asteroid in the world and its diameter is huge, about 250 km in diameter. As we were observing it to investigate its appearance further, it was observed that the intensity of the light of the star changes unnaturally when the Kali crow crosses between the remote star and the earth.

Further investigation showed that two large and small rings existed in Kaliro and it was found that the brightness slightly changed when the ring crossed the front of the fixed star. It is confirmed that the inner ring is thick and the radius is 391 km radius and the width is 4 miles (about 6.5 km), the outer ring is 405 km radius and less than 2 miles wide (about 3.2 km).

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In addition, it has also been observed that the brightness of the Kali crow body is changing. Although it is considered to be an asteroid whose surface is covered with ice, Karlkraw has changed its brightness weakly for several years since 1997 when it was discovered. After that, the intensity of light returned to its original state until 2008, but it turned out that this is because the ring existing in Karlicrow changes in appearance in relation to the rotation axis and the revolution axis. In the solar system it has long been known that rings exist on Saturn, and it has been discovered that there are small rings even on Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune, but there are rings on asteroids like Kali Kraw It is a very unusual case. Even if you investigate asteroids belonging to the same universe area, it has not been discovered that shows the same light change as Karlkraw.

Normally, it is thought that the ring of a heavenly body gradually diffuses and disappears, but the ring of Kali crow is keeping its shape. This is KalirokuShepherd's satelliteIt also indicates that there are satellites that work to keep the ring clear by gravity.

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