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To make the game hard SEGA released so far into a beautiful girl "Sega ★ Hard Girls"Animation has been decided. It is unknown what kind of animation it is, but it is already decided to cast a dream cast · Sega Saturn · SG - 1000 · mega CD · super 32X · genesis etc and it seems to be quite lively work.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Cardboard rifle "Paper Shooters" that you can play with paper bullets - GIGAZINE

Three rules for making a company a great company - GIGAZINE

LED light type digital watch "White & amp; White" where only numbers can be placed in the room - GIGAZINE

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Restaurant reviews, weather influences? US research photograph 1 international news: AFPBB News

According to a study conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology and Yahoo Labs, the low evaluation is likely to be written in "suburbs" on "rainy days" in "July" and "August" .

If you hit two balls you know the circle ratio - Re-learning after becoming an adult

The author's press conference and the author's responsibility: Tweets for Building No. 5

Financial diary: All mysteries can be solved! Still, STAP cells are fabricated

The content of this interview already incorporates the fact that RIKEN is dismissed, and if it is thought that it is a preliminary preliminary trial with a lawyer in the future labor trial, everything will fit. In such a trial, a judge who is not a scientist draws a judgment and draws a judgment, so if you can maximize the emotions such as poorness, want to protect Mr. Koko from here, from here, Has been achieved. In that respect, looking at the Internet survey, etc. seems to have attached support from many general viewers, the aim of the defense team of Kojuku Haruko went perfectly well.

Things to think about Mr. Koko's interview - Mushi Bro

In the unlikely event that Mr. Koumushi's assertion will be fully accepted by the courtroom, then at that time it may be the moment when Japanese science will come to an end. If Japanese judicial organizations are given the guarantee that the papers in the style of that level are not wrong, researchers who do not observe ethics will have no problem even if they are free.

About the riot of RIKEN CDB

So, the RIKEN side seems to be trying to be done with "Okay", but I do not think the responsibility to appoint such a person as a unit / leader has not been clarified. It is the responsibility to researchers who are not employed in postdocs and postdoctoral staff who have a lot in the world to clarify the circumstances of her recruitment and selection. It is an important point of this issue whether why someone who does not have much experience or achievement was chosen as a unit leader of RIKEN should be absolutely necessary.

Mr. Koppo interview: "STAP has been successful over 200 times" without persuasive power - the Mainichi Newspaper

It is superior to STAP cells! Is it? Is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries a "Great discovery of the century" (laugh) - Diary of kojitaken

STAP cells: Mr. Sasai of RIKEN and Mr. Kosuke close up at the meeting - Mainichi Shimbun

STAP fabrication method "Should be released right now" ... American scholar: Science: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Preferential treatment of RIKEN, abandoning the establishment of the current Diet STAP problem received: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Apple's Late Jobs "Sony Takeover Acquisition Abandoned": Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle founded Oracle on 9th, lecturer Steve Jobs (Apple co-founder) who died in 2011 said "We tried to buy Sony but it was too expensive "It was revealed that he was speaking.

High school student in the United States stabbed students one after another and injured 20 people injured NHK News

"All the members of KEPCO are fired!" Mayor Hashimoto criticizes severely to pursue management responsibility at general shareholders meeting - MSN Sankei west

Smoke from JR express passenger's computer, 55 minutes delay: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

U.S. Navy's "seawater fuel" brings major revolution | USA | Latest article | Newsweek Japan official website

A breakthrough new energy technology made from sea water is likely to solve the problem of oil dependence and logistics of the US military fleet in the future

Murakami ex-Ministerial revolutionary criticism of the prime minister "The same fool as the Nazis" - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

Train school road control 12,000 violations across the country NHK News

A direct train is running between Germany and Beijing now: Nikkei Business Online

Arrested a woman who boiled a dead man after murder Chile Photo 2 International News: AFPBB News

Robbery: "You again?" Re-arrested a man who broke into the same store - Mainichi Newspaper

Complaints with men's kiss scene. What is the perfect answer theatrical company issued? - One hundred flowers bloom on the stone wall

Arrested for graffiti at elementary school "arrogantly abusive" and unemployed man - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

3 high school students 3 million fraud damage 400 million withdrawal or NHK news

Three boys from Tokyo and Kanagawa high school students were arrested on suspicion of fraud as ATM withdrew 1 million yen cash transferred by a couple in their 60s who received a phone call for fraud.
More than 500 cards in the name of another person were seized from the boys' home, and three police investigators are investigating that the fraud victim had withdrawn cash of 400 million yen transferred.

Dark casino, Ambassador Gurumida "handed over the reward" "In and out of the store": Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Why is the Hokuriku Shinkansen with all outlets? Industry / Industry | Toyo Keizai online | Business site for new generation leaders

The altitude was just 3 meters, there was a mountain lower than that Tempozan: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Hiyoriyama (Hiyoriyama) of Sendai City Miyagino Ward returned to the position of "Japan's lowest mountain" for the first time in 18 years.

Rice grass in rice massive occurrence impact on civic life NHK News

The case where the Kumamori Association denied "Acorn carry" in a straight-forward manner - A dark blue person

NHK NEWS WEB Company moves to improve non-regular employee treatment

Since 4/1, I have examined what happened to the price of home appliances. (Nagae Ichi) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Why does not my work end as planned? 4 Causes - Blogs to learn from books by reading

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Mac users jumped to the workplace and Windows administrators are having trouble with this - TechTarget Japan Systems Operation Management

Fujitsu to sell Nifty: Sluggish performance due to membership reduction: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Let's teach your best Bugma to me | Life Hack Channel 2

I made a Keynote template which is almost nice "Azusa" made - MEMOGRAPHIX

We also made it possible to play GIF animations on the facebook timeline - razokulover publog

XP support discontinued South Korean government's support measures NHK News

Rrdtool heals - Masahara Shoichi Expat

The surprising weakness of Ponanza 's fifth station Denou Battlefield - Okayura Oh - my queen king can not be weak like this. (Phase 2)

Vulnerability 2 reported to mixi Diary of kusano_k

Issues that you can use paid features of youbride for free

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· 2014/03 / 18 Correction completed
· I received an Amazon gift of 2014/03/24 75,000 yen

Commercialization approaches! LTE - Advanced Complete Commentary - [4] Role of four antennas with one antenna, NTT DoCoMo 's demonstration experiment: ITpro

As a major element technology of the remaining LTE-Advanced, there is extension of MIMO (Multi Input Multi Output). MIMO transmits and receives different signals using multiple transmission paths, so the multiplexing becomes more and the transmission capacity can be increased. In LTE-Advanced, various extensions to this MIMO are provided.

Hatena Designer's Blog until you can design Hatena's news app "Presso"

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A voice actor Ai Shimizu has watched the professional wrestling industry that participated - Sayonara Stranger Zhang Paradise

"Saki - Saki-" Why power Yuki Kataoka powers up not only in tacos but also in octopus - karimikarimi

Graffiti: Criticizing the shrine of animation 'sacred land' on the net Boiling Tottori - Mainichi Newspaper

A graffiti was found on a part of a shrine on Iwami cho in Tottori Prefecture, which is said to be the "sacred place" of popular anime "Free!", And ripples are spreading on the Internet. The town sightseeing association who made hospitality maps and hospitable fans posted pictures to Twitter and cautioned, and criticism continued from many fans as "act of stepping down the feelings of the town". The number of retweets (transfer) exceeded 15,000 by the morning of 10, but the graffiti was found on the 9th, and the association suffered a headache.

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What is J PRIDE: Introducing Yutaka Fukumoto's word

Japan was also involved in this massacre - the talk full text by the movie 'Act of Killing' Mrs. Devi | documentary who again made the performers of genocide in Indonesia in the 1960s play the murder - the eyed child's eyes - webDICE

AKB Popularity is making real or new generation music chart: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

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That ice which appeared in the animation "Crayon Shinchan" finally released! "Crayon Shin Chan Chocobi Ice" announces the limited time release from Monday, April 21

"Mount Rainier Double Vitalarte" taste of thick espresso and milk adults not sweet, not sugar free, than the real chilled cup coffee 'Mt. Rainier Double' which used 2 times luxury high-quality coffee beans * April 15 Fire) new release announcement "Mt. Rainier Double Espresso" will be renewed from the same day!

Bourbon and gelato release "Frozen and eat Furujera la Yokan Kan" released

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