"Planetarium Starry Cafe" at Haneda Airport, where the planetarium and the cafe are integrated

The planetarium has evolved, and at Nagoya City Science MuseumThe world's largest planetariumBut to TokyoPlanetarium seen while playingAlthough it appears, basically during eating and drinking are prohibited. However, at Haneda Airport "PLANETARIUM Starry Cafe"Is a new concept that you can enjoy the planetarium even though it is a cafe, so you can enjoy the planetarium while drinking or eating, so I tried to see what it really is like to go.

Arrived at Haneda Airport.

There is Starry Cafe on the 5th floor of Haneda Airport with the observation deck.

I will go through the gate written as "COOL ZONE".

Starry Cafe is right next to the sofa where the object of the spaceship is decorated.

There is a signboard of "PRONTO" in the shop, the shop itself is a chain storePRONTOIt is managed by.

It is usual that you can not eat or drink in the planetarium because "you can enjoy cafes and meals among 40 million stars, but Starry Cafe is a pasta cake from snacks such as popcorn and hot dogs It is possible to eat meals and desserts.

Also, the same program does not always flow, but depending on the time, in addition to the planetarium, original animation and video programs,Otaru circleAlso familiar animations such as those are airing.

Although it looks like an ordinary cafe when entering the shop ......

There is a small counter in the back of the shop, and a black door behind it. After completing orders and accounting at the counter, it enters the planetarium behind the back door.

Actually entering the planetarium is like this.

There are benches and tables on the walls of the circular room and tables and chairs are installed in the middle of the room. Programs other than planetarium are relatively aired in a bright room, so everyone was looking up at the ceiling and talking while enjoying drinks and food.

Tables and chairs are unified in black.

The figure of the projector in the middle of the room.

The table seats along the walls look like the following.

This time I ordered popcorn set of popcorn + drink (700 yen). The admission fee is 500 yen for adults and 300 yen for children, so the total is 1200 yen.

The coaster is a mascot character, Starry.

A constellation quick looking table was also put.

The frequency of stars and sky appearing programs such as animation is also high. It is forbidden to shoot the planetarium which closes the door of the room and makes it completely dark, but photography of other programs is also OK. So, the state of the night sky actually shown on the ceiling is from the following.

"PLANETARIUM Starry Cafe" integrated with cafe and planetarium - YouTube

Next is the state of the original program with the theme of constellation.

Original image of PLANETARIUM Starry Cafe 'Concert of winter light' - YouTube

Below is the original animation.

"PLANETARIUM Starry Cafe" The state of original animation - YouTube

Sunset in the city

A look of the blue sky

Rainy pattern.

Otemaru was also a starry sky specification.

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