Yahoo! refuses to log in with Google and Facebook ID

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From 2011, users can log in to the site with Facebook · Google account on Yahoo!, but the mechanism has been changed, and Yahoo! ID registration is essential for using Yahoo! services in the future And Reuters tells us that it will be impossible to log in with Google or Facebook ID.

Yahoo to stop user access of services with Facebook, Google IDs | Reuters

In US Yahoo!, you can choose whether to use Yahoo! ID or Facebook ID when logging in from the top page.

Also, you can use Facebook or Google ID when using the mail function.

Currently it is possible to share news, comment submission, customize stock portfolio, post movie and music reviews using Google and Facebook account without Yahoo! ID, but I am CEO since 2012Marissa MayerAccording to Mr.'s intention, this system will gradually change in the future. According to a Yahoo! spokesperson, "Yahoo! is constantly working to improve the user experience, and a new mechanism should be able to provide a personalized experience for everyone."

This action served as CEO of Yahoo! in 2010-2011Carol BartzIt is the opposite movement that Mr. tried to cooperate with other companies such as Facebook. Mr. Mayer bought 17 companies in one year after his inauguration and provided e-mail and finance toolsRedesignWe are doing many improvements of contents, such as reusing unused e-mail addresses.

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It is already one of Yahoo! Sports contentsCollege Basketball Tourney Pick 'emYou can not log in with your Facebook / Google account, and eventually all the services will remove the coordination button with Google · Facebook.

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