"Airpnp" that you can lend a toilet at your house to someone or borrow someone's toilet in the event of an emergency

Since ancient timesFruit swollen place not dislikeAs you say, no one can go against human physiology. If you are in a familiar environment you can run into the evacuation area somehow even if big waves come when you say Isa, but sometimes you can not do anything when you are in a city you do not know about the destination. Perhaps we can relieve such people's anxiety, "AirpnpIt is a site called.

AIRPNP | Airpnp

Airpnp: It's like Airbnb, but for toilets - The Next Web

I think that there are also many people who have already noticed, but Airpnp has become a part of the rental service that you can rent a room from people around the world with the power of the net, or rent your own room "AirbnbIt will be that rest room limited version.

When you click "FIND A PLACE TO PEE" on the top page, a screen showing people who are providing toilets from all over the world will be displayed. To look for a toilet in North America, click on "North America".

A map of the North American continent has been enlarged and displayed. It is a matter of concern why it is concentrated around the Gulf of Mexico, but click on the northeastern United States where the big city New York is located.

There seems to be three properties in the vicinity of New York.

1 in New Jersey and 2 in New York State.

We found one in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Please select Manhattan side and click it because it is troublesome.

A picture of a small toilet was displayed along with a picture of a cute dog. If you like it, it seems like you can interact with the other party and make a reservation.

Of course it is also possible to provide your own toilet. Click "ADD A PLACE TO PEE" on the top page to start registering the toilet.

"Become an entrepeeneur." Was displayed. This, of course, "Become an EntrePreNeur. (Let's become an entrepreneur) "It is a thing. In Japanese, "urineLet's become a house "or the like. Click "Connect" to register, but Facebook account seems to need it.

Please fill in the title and description of introduction page, usage fee, location and click "Save" to complete registration, then wait for inquiries from the world.

In this way Airpnp seems to be a wonderful service that gives people around the world peace of mind and peace. In the toilet provided on the site, there seems to be something like "Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage, Frank Sinatra or Walt Disney Potty Eating Potty Utilized at $ 10 Once".

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