I tried "Egg Cup Sunday" of Saitiwan where chick's ice cream comes out of the egg

Christianity HolidaysEasterSo, there is a custom to decorate boiled eggs, but from Thursday, 4th (Tuesday)easter eggI sell ice cream like "Wonderful Easter"We are doing a campaign. I was curious about the pretty appearance, so I actually bought it and tried it.

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Arrived at San Diego.

Looking at the ice showcase ......

A poster for a new product for Easter was pasted.

Choose a seasonal flavor ice cream and ask for an egg cup sunday single and double.

I ordered the item with takeout, I handed the bag with ice cream, spoon and sticker.

Taking out the egg cup Sunday from the bag is like this.

Egg Cup Sunday contains instructions on how to stick and paste.

I will stick the seal to the egg cup as instructed.

Single Egg Cup Sunday is like this when sticking a seal on a cup. Pearl Yellow bought this time contains a chick seal, Pearl Pink a rabbit seal, Pearl Green a scroll seal, you can choose from 3 different cups.

In the case of double egg cup sundaes, blue gold has a star pattern seal, pink gold contains floral print stickers and develops two colors. This time I bought a blue gold.

When opening the egg cup, pretty decorated ice creates.

Single Egg Cup Sunday has colorful chocolate on top of whipped cream and roasted coconut.

Egg-shaped chocolate and chocolate written as "EASTER"

M & amp; M'SToppings like colorful chocolate like.

If I try to eat it by scooping the topping, the combination of cream, coconut and chocolate is good. The coconut is fragrant and complements the taste of chocolate and cream.

Ice cream is yogurt flavor and white peach flavor ice cream and white × pinkEaster BunnyI was conscious ofYogy Peach FanSelect.

Visually fun making with carrot type chocolate.

When scooping and eating it, the taste of peach fits well with the sourness of yoghurt, and unexpectedly the chocolate taste matches this combination. While it is a novel combination, it is finished in a taste that does not feel any discomfort there.

Double Egg Cup Sunday has topped with sponge cake · whipped cream · strawberry · condensed milk · french toast flavored winged cookie.

Combination of sponge cake, whipped cream, strawberry and condensed milk, it feels a little tough as it becomes a short cake-like taste when it is included in the mouth.

Cookies taste like syrups of eggs and pancakes, and taste like French toast.

The face of chicks is drawn in chocolate, and the taste of chocolate is added to ice cream. Strawberry ice cream and milk ice cream were mixed for ice creamIchigo MilkChoice.

Good taste of strawberries containing flesh and a classic combination of milk is good. Sweetness is somewhat strong, but cream feeling is slightly thin Recommended for people who like classic.

Although it has melted a little,Strawberry BelissimaStrawberry balsamic vinegar over itMascarpone cheeseAn unusual ice cream of Italian style accompanied by.

Although the sweetness is intense, it is surprisingly matched to Mascarpone cheese which has a somewhat stronger acidity of balsamic vinegar, so you can eat it without feeling uncomfortable. I felt it looked a bit like the taste of the place of type that puts black honey because of color.

"Wonderful Easter" campaign is limited for a limited period until 30th March (Sun). It is made to be pleased if you bring it to souvenirs and parties for children.

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