I saw the Odakyu "Kokufu giant hat naka festival" that the men engage in a whirlpool with a whirlpool

On 12th February 2014, it is a Shinto shrine with a history of over 1,200 years transmitted to Kokin shrine shrineGod manA festival was held that aims at a single naked man called shinodouko (about 5,000 people) with about 9,000 riddles. This time, we made a series of observations and tried summarizing the situation by making big cups and dedications with a diameter of 2 meters and 40 centimeters, weighing about 4 tons, and Shuri Shrine Shrine (Haka Festival).

Sharp Shrine (Hakodaka Festival)

The venue isKokumin Shrineis.

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On February 6, the large district dedicating to Kokin shrine changes the district in charge every year. In 2014 I visited the site of Making a big mirror cake as being done in Inazawa-shi peace town, and Mochi-mochi started at 7 o'clock.

Twelve stone mills and three rice cakeers are prepared and at the same time they rice cake. The tools to use are newly prepared for this day.

Mochi rice cakes are brought to the stage, the men put together the whole weight and put it together.

In the work of turning over the large mirror kimono, a large crane is prepared, and it is one of the highlighted work which has become a large-scale work stretching the body such as supporting the rice cake with the body so as not to fall off.

AfternoonGod manHas appeared.God manBecause it is not allowed to touch anything, it is movement with strict security.

God manAlso with mochi.

Rice cake was held until 5 pm. Work was already started at 7 o'clock, so it took more than 10 hours at this point. On this day it will be a work until the part is shaped for each part, and it ends with the greeting tightening.

Five days later on February 11, the big mirror cake of about 4 tons decorated the day before is carried to the Kokufu shrine using the truck.

At Kokumin shrineGod manI was able to see how I eat. The next day's Shijo Shrine (Hakodaka Festival) Towards the productionGod manI will do various rituals.

On the approach road, a procession such as dancing starts and excites the festival.

At the end of the queue a big mirror cake arrived and was dedicated to the main shrine.

And the next February 12 is Shakamai Shinto (Hakodaka Festival) day. Men are going to come one after another with clothes entrusted by people who can not become naked, wrapped with sticks called "Ikasa Sasa".

Hadaka man's own "cloth (glue)" to be divided, it is said that troubles and wishes will come, so I had them divided on the way.

Men have gathered one after the other from all over the city.

This is a local character of Inazawa City, with a motif of a man as a motifInappropriate"Has also appeared, and received cheers from the surrounding visitors as" Ino Happy Landscapes ".

At the afternoon around 4:30 pm all the Sasa dedication was finished,God manWait for the appearance of, but I do not know where it will emerge from.

At 4:50 p.m., when you see eyes in the direction the venue flirts, you can see the splash of splash.God manHas appeared.

God manI have to run through the shrine in the Shinto shrine (Okinawa), but they are prevented from progressing to men at all. Water is said to hang the men so that they hinder the progress.

Thirty minutes after the appearance, I finally arrived at the main gate of the shrine, but stuck here. I could not get out of here for a while.

When entering the precincts from the main gate, engagement occurs, steaming boils up from men.

Barely in the direction the men are facingGod manIn the situation that you know the position ofGod manYou can not confirm the figure of.

As the raising people can not go to help the god man in a distant position, at the entrance to Shijiao TempleGod manWait for it to come closer.

By the time 50 minutes passed since the appearance,God manCame up to the entrance of Shijiaojo, but stuck again. Then "raise it, raise it" and the men started screaming.

Here the raising roleGod manI will jump in to help but fail.

We regulate our position and challenge again. This time, the raising role of one person becomes a foothold and the other raising roleGod manIt is a strategy to catch.

Wonderful success,God manI was able to catch.

While the bad men are giving birth to a million,God manI will be raised to Shijojyo.

Shuri Shrine Shrine (Hakodaka Festival)God manWhen it arrived at Shiosho, it was over, and men returned home while freezing to the cold.

The large miracle cake is to be distributed to early participants in the early morning of the 13th.

I was leaving Inazawa City behind the scream of excitement.

Although it is rare raids in the present era, the men who participate are encouraged each other, and good old days such as helping are inherited as it is, it was a festival like "Remind me of lost something". Because it will be held on March 3, 2015, please take a tour if you are interested.

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