A real life "Yamato" cosplay appeared in Bandai booth in a sense of "ship"

"The Yamato Type Battleship's No. 1 ship, Yamato was built as a trump card at the Kure Navy Arsenal as a trump card for the fleet decisive battle, along with this body, the best of technology at the time, Musashi of the second ship, I will do my best as a center strength! "Fleet This ship ~ ship This ~In a certain sense of "Yamato" of real life size cosplay was surely being exhibited at the Bandai booth of One Festival 2014 [Winter].

It is certainly great if you try

Ridiculous intimidation

Including all from top to bottom will look like this. The heel of the foot shoe part is also the rudder that moves the course of the ship properly

Sakura for hair

The part of the arm such as red and yellow is Z flag

It is also reproduced that the length of the socks part is different on both feet. This is probably a reproduction of the historical fact based on the report of the Japanese side at the time "Attack was concentrated on the port", which means that he is trying to protect the left side.

A huge boat also boasts a masterpiece

What I have in handNine set of armor pillars

The umbrella is in the form of a mast as it is, anti-aircraft

Overall picture is such a feeling, super categorical cosplay

The waist has an anchor

Even so, it is not extraordinary to see the more

We are trying to faithfully reproduce the state of bending of the feet and it's awful

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