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It is designed so that the main body is bent chestnut or the power button and the volume button are arranged in a position easy to push on the back, it is designed to be easy to operate even on a large screen of 6 inches, and functions utilizing the large screen A smartphone with well-formed "G Flex"is.Au presentation 2014 SpringI found it so quickly.

G Flex LGL 23 | smartphone | au

Arrived at G Flex's exhibition space.

This is a slightly bent body This is G Flex. The display is about 6.0 inches and the resolution is 1280 x 720. The CPU is a 2.3 GHz quad core, the memory is 2 GB, the main body capacity is 32 GB, the OS is equipped with Android 4.2, the Wi-Fi connection corresponds to IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, the tethering can be up to 8 units And infrared communication, Osaifu-Keitai · NFC · One Seg / Full Seg viewing is also possible.

If you hold it in your hand you will see that the body is loosely bent with this feeling.

Although the main body is bent, it is durable enough to be OK like this.

The home screen looks something like this.

G Flex has an organic EL display that can be bent with Gagnagua, which makes it possible for the main body to draw loose curves. In the exhibition space, there was a demonstration machine that can also operate the main unit while bending this display part to Gagnaguña.

The organic EL display installed in G Flex will be like the following movie if you go to Gujagnagna.

I tried to make Gignhagna liquid crystal installed in "G Flex" - YouTube

Taking G Flex in your hand is like this. An adult man can easily grip it, the main body is rounded design, so it is unexpectedly impressive that it fits in hand easily. The main body size is 161 mm in length × 82 mm in width × 8.8 mm in thickness (the thickest part is 9.7 mm), the body weight is about 178 g.

Even women are easy to grip, as the body is bent, seems to be more suitable for phone calls than ordinary smartphones.

The body display surface is like this with a speaker at the top.

The backside has become a back cover called "scratch recovery" that a shallow abrasion recovers naturally.

The rear camera is about 13.2 million pixels.

Below the camera this is a volume control button and a power button. Because the main body is large, it feels easier to push than it is located on the side.

And found the speaker and the antenna in the lower right corner.

When I stretch the antenna, it feels like this.


On the bottom is microUSB port for microphone charging, microphone, and earphone jack.

Left side

Here is the au Micro IC Card slot.

The right side looks like this.

G Flex battery is a large capacity 3500 mAh.

Since the main body is bent, this battery was also bent.

Since it is a 6-inch large screen, you will not feel cramped when you watch Full Seg and movies.

Also, if you press and hold the "return" icon at the bottom of the main unit ......

This screen will be displayed.

If you tap two applications from this ... ...

You can display two applications simultaneously on the screen like this. Since the screen is 6 inches, it is a tricky thing to do.

Tap the bar in the center of the screen ......

It is also possible to adjust the display area of ​​the application.

In addition, it is also possible to swipe the position of the front touch button so that G Flex is easy to use even for 6 inches.

Swipe the position of the front touch buttons - YouTube

To make the front touch button position adjustable with swipe, tap "Settings" → "Display" → "Front touch button".

And tap "Front touch button adjustment" OK.

Moreover, even if you do not press the power button on the back, you can turn the power on / off by tapping the display twice.

"G Flex" can turn on / off the power by tapping the screen twice - YouTube

Furthermore, on the lock screen ......

Swipe like two fingers to open in the left and right ......

With such a feeling, it is now possible to start applications such as photos, videos, YouTube, and television right away so that you can experience the 6 inch large screen immediately.

In addition, G Flex is on sale January 25, 2014.

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