Development of tablet with Firefox OS started, image of actual machine also opened

The OS for the tablet device is mounted on iPad Air etc.IOS, Nexus 7 · Kindle Fire HDX and so onAndroid OSAlthough it is mainstream,TizenAlso called "third wave" alongsideFirefox OSThe development of the machine carrying the machine started, detailed information of development terminal was released.

Firefox OS Tablet Program: First Device Specs | Asa Dotzler

The information revealed this time belongs to development terminals provided for developers, and it is also clarified that partners such as Foxconn are participating in the prototype creation. The processor adopts quad-core ARM Cortex A7, the main memory is 2 GB, the storage is equipped with 16 GB memory, and the display has a 10.1 inch capacitive multi-touch IPS liquid crystal with a display area of ​​1280 × 800 pixels I will.

Based on the published size, compare the size with iPad Air, it is like this.

And this is an image of screen display. You can check that it supports horizontal screen display (landscape display) for tablet terminal.

Other specifications are as follows.
· Brand / model name: InFocus New tab F1
· Processor: A 31 (ARM Cortex A 7) quad core 1.0 GHz
· GPU: PowerVR SGX 544 MP 2
· Main memory: 2GB DDR3
· Storage: 16GB Flash
· Screen size: 1280 × 800 pixels 10.1 inch electrostatic capacitance type multi touch IPS liquid crystal
· Camera: Dual camera (rear: 5 megapixels / front: 2 megapixels)
· Wi-Fi: 802.11b / g / n
· External terminal: microSD, micro USB, headphone / earphone terminal
· Others: GPS, Bluetooth, Gyroscope
Battery capacity: 7000 mAh

Because the development of Forefox OS will be promoted based on this model, it seems that the model released this time will not be for commercial purpose as it is. Specific product release timing etc. are undecided.

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