The fact hidden in the core of an apple

BySantiago Alvarez

There are various ways to eat apples on the apple, such as cutting the skin to eat easily and eating with leather attached, but there are not many people eating apples to the core of apples. According to James Hamblin, having watched a certain movie, it is in the idea that everyone in the world should eat apples to the core, even the movies that actually eat apples to the core are released, and apple We release the secret facts to the core.

Apple Cores Are a Myth - James Hamblin - The Atlantic

In Europe and the United States, it is common to eat apples with peeling fruit and leave the core part, but James Hamblin says "How to Eat an Apple Like a Boss"When you know that you can eat apples from the bottom when eating from the bottom, you know that you can eat without leaving the core, when you actually tried, it turned out that you can eat the apple core without any problems, and the taste of the key is bad I understood that it was not there.

James Hamblin can see from the following movie how to eat apple with musshamsha together with a core from the bottom.

Apple Cores Are a Myth - YouTube

Hamblin's no apples to eat anything. However, apple glue has been removed.

Firstly a bite from the bottom of an apple.

Recommend to eat with mushamusha ......

The cross section of an apple that I ate about half is like this.

Hamblin will continue to eat apples without spitting even the seeds.

Ultimately small apples finally ......

I throw it into my mouth.

With this, finish one apples including core.

When Mr. Hamblin proceeded the investigation independently, I also noticed that the core of the apple does not contain bad ingredients etc in the body. However, as apple seedsAmygdalinAs amygdalin is hydrolyzedHydrogen cyanideIt is likely to generate toxic substances called so, it is better to remove the seed. However, in order to generate hydrogen cyanide in an amount that adversely affects the body, it is unnecessary to worry excessively because it is necessary to eat apples in units of tons.

Hamblin also points out that "throwing out the apple's core is like wasting food and money." Assuming people all over the world eat an apple at 1.3 dollars per pound (about 135 yen) everyday and throwing out the apple's core each time it costs $ 42 per person per year ( Approximately 4370 yen), which means that the whole planet is wasting about 13.2 billion dollars (about 1,337.3 billion yen) annually.

ByJD Hancock

Hamblin says, "Considering the consumption of apples in the world, everyone should eat all the way down to the core of an apple," I strongly recommend eating up to the core of apple, but the culture that justifies the apple as it is It seems a little difficult to infiltrate 'eating up to the core' in Japan not.

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