It turns out that memory can easily be twisted even with a person with confidence how much to memory

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Even what I ate for yesterday's lunch may be hard to remember, but there are odd-numbered memories of the world that remember the contents of lunch that you ate ten years ago To do.University of California, IrvineResearch team conducted an experiment to examine the accuracy of memory by gathering people with superhuman memory ability and it was discovered that even memory even such a person could easily be memorized by the wrong information It turned out.

False memories in highly superior autobiographical memory individuals

How Many of Your Memories Are Fake? - Erika Hayasaki - The Atlantic

Dr. Lawrence Patihis of the University of California at Irvine gathers 20 subjects with amazing memory that remembers everything from childhood to the present and checks whether memory is not affected by erroneous information We conducted experiments. Before the experiment, it was said that the correct answer rate was about 97%, compared with the archives of video tapes and newspapers, etc. as to whether the memory of the child who is actually remembered by 20 subjects is correct or not is about 97%.


In the experiment, we asked 20 subjects to watch the slideshow, then read the book which modified the contents of the slide show slightly, and check if the memory was rewritten. The content of the slide show was "A man stole a wallet from a woman pretending to lend a hand, then steals a necklace with a dollar bill from the car". As a result of the experiment, despite the abnormally superior memory ability, numerical values ​​which are almost unchanged from those with general memory ability will come out.

In another experiment conducted by the university, it occurred on 11th September 2001Terrorist attacks in the United StatesIt is one ofUnited Airlines flight 93Asking 20 subjects whether they remember about the images taken at the moment the plane crashed. In fact, there are no pictures taken of the moment of an airplane crash, but 20% of the subjects answered "I have watched images on television, etc.".

ByMatt Hintsa

Dr. Patihis, who led the experiment, "It is strange to say why you forget the contents of the slideshow, even if you remember even minor things such as the content of the lunch ten years ago. It may be that we extract only the things that make sense personally from among the incidents and then join them to create memory, "he says.

According to Professor James McGaugh, one of the members who conducted the experiment, it is easy to remember stories with strong emotions put in memory, for example, I do not remember most of events such as everyday work in progress, but if a traffic accident If you witnessed, it seems that the state of work at that time is strongly remembered. The interaction of this emotion and memory is greatly related to the history of human evolution and is the same as the instinctive ability of an animal that "a herbivore animal is died after being hit by a tiger and never approaches the scene again." Without this interaction, humans and animals may not have survived the survival competition.

BySaad Faruque

I wrote a book on philosophical epistemology and ethicsBrian BoydIn his book, "As for heart and memory, it is not only to record and read information but also supplement missing information and sometimes rebuild" Perhaps it is natural that the incident happened somewhat different.

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