What will happen if you color a body part that shows a different reaction depending on your emotions?

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Everyone has experienced a situation where the body is directly expressing emotion, feeling heat in the face as it is embarrassing, feeling embarrassed in the hands when tense, but emotions have a wide range of physiological While I know that it is related to change, the relationship with the body is still in the midst of debate. However, a researcher at a university in Finland conducted an experiment to color the affected part to show the relationship between the body and emotion, and found that different parts of the body responded with different emotions We have released an image mapping feelings to the body by color.

(PDF file) pnas201321664 1..6 - 1321664111.full.pdf

Located in FinlandAalto UniversityConducted an experiment to clearly show the relationship between emotion and body for 701 subjects. Experiments were conducted by asking subjects to read movies and books, and in the order of yellow, red, black, blue, light blue, the parts where the body responds when feeling a certain emotion, according to the intensity It is to have the color painted.

Experimental results showed that different parts of the body are reacting by emotion. For example, when feeling "anger", the body reacts strongly from the head to the torso and the tip of the arm.

"Happiness" and "unhappiness" which are utterly opposite feelings are completely different in the place and strength where the body responds. When I feel happy, a strong reaction has been confirmed around the head and chest. On the contrary, when sad, a thin reaction is seen in the head and chest, but the reaction in other parts is very weak.

In the case of "love" which is similar to happiness, the response of the body closely resembles the time when feeling happiness. Compared with happiness, the reaction of the leg is weak, but the lower abdomen is strongly responding.

"Surprise" has a strong response to the head and chest.

When "uneasy", breasts react strongly.

When "holding fear" is very similar to the body's reaction when feeling uneasy.

When I felt "disgusting", the throat part, not the head and chest, reacted most strongly.

When I am depressed or feel like a little depressed, my body has little reaction and I can not feel anxious from my body.

If you think that you envy someone, the response is almost pear besides the head.

When feeling "embarrassing!", The part of the face, especially the cheeks are strongly responding. In fact it is too embarrassing to blush.

When someone is despised or insulted, the face responds strongly and the hands are reacting to a slight degree.

In almost all emotions, the reaction is confirmed in the face part, so it seems to be because some kind of reaction is given to the face even if anything is felt. Laughing at happy times and crying at times of sadness, the face seems to be a part of the body that is most suitable for expressing emotions.

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