I tried bungee jump by wearing GoPro at mother pasture

Bungee jump is in the Shepherd Islands in the PacificRepublic of VanuatuIt is said that the theory that the ritual called "Nagor" is the basis is influential, New Zealanders are impressed with the ceremony, it is said that the journey from the Kawarau Bridge in the home country jumped off and started sports. The mother ranch in Chiba is a theme park which keeps sheep like sheep in New Zealand, and we have introduced facility that can do its edge or bungee jump for 20 years ago. I went to Mother Farm in Chiba and bungee jumping, so I wanted to try thrilling experiences jumping off the height of about 20 meters.

Bungee Jump | Midori no Hiroba | Inside Map | Mother Farm

Arrived at Mother Farm. Because there is no station nearby, when using public transportation, it is recommended to use the free shuttle bus from the JR Kimitsu station.

There is a bungee jump in a place called "mountain top area" in the park.

The square which entered the mother pasture is like this. Lighting up events are held in the evening during the winter season.

Because it is winter, no flowers were blooming in the "flower valley" on the slope climbing the hill.

Mountains and the sea were nearby, and the weather was freezing on the day.

There was a playground equipment and a Ferris wheel such as in an amusement park in the exciting land.

When I walked for a while, I arrived at the 'top of the mountain area'. You see a tower that makes a bungee jump.

A flag similar to the Republic of South Africa built at the top is the flag of the Republic of Vanuatu.

The height of the bungee jumping tower is 21 meters, and it is partitioned with a fence.

A large air cushion is at the landing point in case of emergency itself. In the unlikely event ......

Before bungee jumping, there are huts to buy tickets and wear costumes.

Costumes lend us rabbits, tigers, bats, frogs etc. for free.

The attracting staff of the attraction had a sign written "Bungee jumping! You are a star if you fly!" It seems that there are many people who do bungee jumping with video used for wedding ceremonies.

Bungee jumping tickets are purchased at vending machines in huts. First time tax included 2000 yen · 2nd time from 1500 yen including tax · Tower visit includes 200 yen including tax.

I buy a ticket at a vending machine and give me a ticket to the reception.

For those wearing skirts, there are also services that will allow you to rent pants for free.

"I can not refund or change, even if I do not fly, I can not fly!"

I write a pledge before I do a bungee jump. Increasing tension ...

When passing through the cabin, people lining up in front were wrapping safety equipment around the body.

Climb the tower ......

Stance ......

We will fly with the staff's announcement.

There is a cord so it is safe ...... It should be, but there is a part that can not be believed in safety when it fly by itself.

The turn arrives and bungee jumping will be done with safety equipment attached.

With appliances attached, it looks like this. front


side. Add a bungee jump string to the part of the blue string that is in front.

The head is fitted with a special helmet fitted with GoPro.

I will climb the stairs at last.

Feeling climbing the stairs to the death penalty ... ....

There was a notice that "Please do not run".

As you go up the stairs, the air cushion looks smaller and smaller.

Finally to the top floor.

It climbs to the top floor and looks around, it looks like this. Aqua line and Keiyo industrial area

Tokyo bay Kannon

Ferris wheel of mother ranch


I looked down at the bottom, a little footed.

The view when jumping is like this. I can not fly with the camera, so I will let go of the camera.

Standing on the plunge, approaching the staff and receiving explanations on flying. Before jumping nature and my breath became rough, my heart shrank, my feet feel heavy. Even though so many people have finished flying safely in the past, death accidents also occurred depending on the location .... While thinking about such things, with the countdown of the staff 'two-one bungee' I decided to do a bungee jump.

You can check the appearance of bungee jumping from the following movie.

I tried a bungee jump by wearing GoPro at Mother Farm - YouTube

Standing on the plunger with the string attached to the fixture.


There was nothing like pressing the air cushion.

Although it falls once, it jumps straight above by recoil.

This landed on the air cushion several times.

From the back of the air cushion ......

Have the staff remove the fixture.

Since the mother ranch is a jump from the height of 21 meters, the falling time is about 1 second. Before flying is the most strained, the moment it fly, the head is white. I will return to you with the staff's call. Although I have jumped into the pool so far, this time it was a bungee jump with a low height, so it feels like it as a feeling. Sky diving has heard stories that falling time is so long that some people are feeling anxious due to anxiety while falling, but it seems that such a short time of falling is unlikely .

Although it is a personal impression, sky diving reduces the reality because the altitude is too high, but if it says 21 meters, it is about the same height as the 7th floor of the building, so there is reality. In any case, it seems better not to do people with weak heart.

Looking up at the tower from the bottom, fear is rising.

After the bungee jump, "Bungy Jump Certificate" will be handed over and if you show this you can fly at 1500 yen including tax for the second time.

On Mother Farm, until January 13, we are conducting a campaign to free bungee jumping to new adults. In the Republic of Vanuatu I am doing bungee jumping as an adult ceremony, so at this opportunity it may be nice to fly someone who will have a hatachi this year. Because of accidents, places where bungee jumping can be done in Japan are few, but it is recommended for those who want a thrilling experience.

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