It seems like this when cat-loving engineers seriously analyze the ecology of cats

ByJeffrey de Graaf

Cats are a kind of pet that is loved all over the world, in Japan(PDF file) About 9.75 million cats breedIt is being done. A cat whose popularity is cute expression and gesture is said to have a mysterious ecology which has not yet been elucidated, and the movie which analyzed the ecology of the cat from the viewpoint of the engineer "An Engineer's Guide to Cats 2.0"Has been released.

An Engineer's Guide to Cats 2.0 - The Sequel - YouTube

Two men, professional engineers, analyze the ecology of cats.

The two will start assembling something.

Two people who decide to pose in front of the finished equipment. In addition, the assembled device was not used at all in the movie.

Cats are popular pets all over the world, and the internet is overflowing with pictures taken with the cats the owner loves.

However, cats seem to have a special ability to influence the economy of the United States.

According to a survey committee's announcement, it was found that the size of the cat's body is affecting the economy,Aspect Ratio DriftIt was named as named.

When Aspect Ratio Drift is digitized every year, it becomes like this ... ...

It seems that it has a big influence on the exchange rate of the dollar.

This is where the ass's Ratio Drift is raised and the cat 's butt is stinging to manipulate the economy.

Also, it is a part of post-modern architecture for catsDeconstructive architectureThere is also the ability to make naturally.

While pinching corrugated cardboard, I am creating a box with a shape like fragments, which is characteristic of disassembly architecture.

Cats' deconstructuralism architecture quickly spreads to the animal kingdom, and horses and ...

It seems that the dog is also affected by the cat.

A wonderful deconstructive architecture box was completed. Cats are also proud.

Cats' behavior using the gravity of the earth is also one of the attractive features of cats. Standing ......

Sitting ......

Lying down is a characteristic behavior of a cat that uses gravity.

A small forepaw of a cat is also used for action using gravity.

When a cat concentrates his weight and gravity on the paw of the cat ......

It demonstrates the power that makes adults painful.

There are also mysterious characteristics of cats that occur only when dressed in cats.

I try to make my cat get dressed and stand up ... ...

The cat collapses with the side next to it.

This phenomenon was named "CISCIS".

Even if you try to make a cat with a hat stand up, the cat falls on the floor without showing the standing up.

Cats in the Southern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere repeat "CISCIS", physics force cancel each other and the Earth can rotate properly.

What cats are interested in is rice ......

There are various things such as spiders.

Meanwhile, our engineers are helicopters and ... ...

I am interested in airship and other machines.

However, the cat does not look like an airship that the engineer loves.

The ecology of cats that engineers do not show any interest in what they like is considered to be exactly the same as a human woman.

Women apparently dislike being surrounded by a cool radio control.

Uncomfortable feeling is also felt from the expression of a woman.

A woman who did not feel well departed from the spot and showed exactly the same behavior as a cat.

At the end, we collect the gas emitted by the cat and verify whether the energy produced by the cat is recyclable.

A blue balloon set on a cat's buttocks swelled and succeeded in collecting the gas.

Rubbing the gas collected from the cat's butt to the carpet and approaching the balloon filled with plenty of static electricity ......

Large explosion.

In 'An Engineer' s Guide to Cats 2.0 ', the ecology of many cats is analyzed from the viewpoint of engineers, but all the movie creator' s jokes. The actual cat has no ability to influence the economy of the United States, and the case that the fart of the cat caused a big explosion should not have occurred up to the present time in 2013, probably .

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