Canadian Postal Authority Announces Individual Postal Delivery within 5 Years

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Public company that manages Canadian postal business "Canada · Post"Received a marked decrease in the amount of letters sent, stopped the postal delivery to each family within 5 years, all"Community · mailbox(Collective post installed for each region) "and"Raise stamp price","Reduce personnelWe announced the policy such as.

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In Canada, handwritten letters show a historic decline with the increase of digital communication,Canadian Industry CouncilofReport of AprilThen, if going as it is, it is expected that the economic loss per year of Canada / Post will be about 1 billion Canadian dollars (about 96.7 billion yen) in 2020, and the burden of taxpayers may increase. The Canadian post, which began to mark a significant deficit there, announced the following plan.

◆ Delivery to community · mailbox

BySharon Drummond

In Canada, collective posts are set up to receive postal items by area, such as roads and parks. According to Canada Post, the community mailbox usage rate has already reached two thirds, but even for the remaining third, individual mail delivery will be canceled and all mail items will be sent to the community · It is planned to deliver to mailbox, and it is expected to be able to cover all Canada within 5 years.

◆ Raise stamp price

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From March 31, 2014, the current postage stamp price of 63 cents (about 61 yen) increased by 59% to 1 Canadian dollar (about 97 yen)Coil stamps· In the case of bulk purchase, such as a stamp book, it will be changed to a price of 85 cents (about 82 yen) per piece.

◆ Reduction in personnel expenses

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We plan to cut 6,000 to 8,000 jobs within 5 years and dismiss 12% of employees in changing business model. According to Canada Post, the average age of current employees is 48 years old and it is planned to include the expected number of retirement and voluntary retirement.

Besides that,"Expansion of franchise"Streamline operationsAlthough these plans are expected to reduce Canadian dollars (about 67.8 billion yen) to 900 million yen (about 87.2 billion yen) annually by implementing these plans , The President of the Canadian Postal Worker Association and the New Democratic Party of Canada,"It falls into a spiral of descent from judgment being too quick" and "fear of isolating the people living in the poor, elderly and rural areas"There are points to be pointed out.

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