"LogoThief" collection of logos that stolen designs

The logo that becomes the face of the brand becomes an effective item that enhances brand power as it is an impressive design. However, as the Internet spreads, you can get a logo as soon as you download it, the logo stolen by the author will not fail. A website that collects and compares logos that are stolen somewhere in such a world is "LogoThief"is.



Although it is not perfectly matched when it is piled up, it looks just by changing the line that models the triangle around the bird from portrait to landscape. Mateusz Turbiński, a graphic designer working at EMAG, a company handling methane, found that his logo was being stolen.

ScanSource(Stealing): STEELPATH (Original)

Just aligning the two logos and overlapping, it matches almost exactly with just a different shade. "SteelPath" logo in 2010Nick IrwinIt is produced by Mr. "ScanSource" seems to be using this logo from July 2013.

Sushi TOKYO(Stealing):Nippon Sushi Bar (Original)

Overlaying the two logos, the logo of the restaurant "Sushi TOKYO", which deals with Russian sushi and pizza, was found to be from the logo of "Nippon Sushi Bar" chain developing in the United States only to omit petals I will.

◆ Ali-Catz, etc. (stealing):Cat Adoption(original)

Original creator Jan Zabransky said herselfFacebook PageIt is urging attention to the fact that the logo is resold, and for the text design that can be easily diverted, you can see that the "Cat Adoption" logo is stolen all over the world.

Milagros Urbanos(Stealing): Tea Garden (Original)

At first glance there are only two logos that are similar, but you can see that it is plagiarized because the lines of the cup coincide when piled up.

AMATE(Stealing):Mangrove, M (original)

Sean Farrell's "Mangrove" logo and Deprisas Bielskis's "M" logo are used in combination to steal it. The lines of the two logos completely match.

Epic Nation Apparel(Stealing):EZ(original)

"Epic Nation Apparel" dealing with the street brand will be released in 2012Announcing a new logoAlthough it compared with the "EZ" logo, the shapes will match exactly. Author of EZRoy SmithHe contacted Epic Nation to stop logo plagiarism but he sent out fake copyright.


The restaurant "Marie's" in New York acknowledged theft of the logo, has removed the logo from all places such as website, T-shirt, etc. The website shows "Create a new logo" on the website.

◆ My Coffee, etc. (Stealing): Coffee Cup (Original)

Jan ZabranskyA logo that won the victory at Mr. Coffee Exchange Inc.'s Coffee Cup logo competition. Because of its simple and easy-to-design design, stealing of similar designs across the world is rampant.


"M" logo that has been stolen twice. this isDrew ChandlerMr. designer created by receiving a request from client Mercaux fashion brand. Mr. Chandler comments to withdraw the stolen work.

◆ Von Glitschka

Designer Von Glitschka started looking for theft of his work since 2008 and found over 300 copyright violations. "Why does copyright infringement occur?I posted a column titled Stealing with an example and asked people who steal the design questions.

◆ La Brasa (Stealing): Saffron Culture (Original)

Srdjan KirticThe logo of "Saffron Culture" created by Mr. obviously is used as it is in Oklahoma restaurant "La Brasa", but La Brasa refuses to contact because he is aware.

Joca(Stealing):Kiube Mobile Entertainment(original)

Steal it by curving the original logo with rounded corners.

Wellness Travel(Stealing):Luuca(original)

Again, all lines except for the face match.

◆ Texas · Amarillo City

The new city logo officially announced by Amarillo City seems to be very similar to the Dubai company's logoAmarillo.comIt is covered in.

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