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Although it is famous for its cheapness in terms of Chinese products, it is sometimes said that it was a fake in fact if you bought it because it is cheap. But it seems to resemble and there are marks and logos that are obviously different from real ones. Thirty images of Chinese fake brand that you will notice as imitation at a glance are from the following.

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01. Xbox
A large X mark on the body. It is a fundamentally different design from genuine.

PSP to pop stations.

Prada is not the case.

Do you have that? And if you look closely it is Mitasubishi.

05. BMW
The marks of blue and white and BMW are also slightly different.

06. DUpao Vs Dupont
The long-established store of French luxury lighter "Dupont" is "DUpao".

When l and e are combined, it is a faraway n and it is invisible carreron.

08. RLEX
Roleeds' crown has 1 jagged number more than the real one.

A familiar green stick mark and a star. Star star is translated as it is Starbucks.

10. Fake Corona Extra
Corona beer to cello no beer.

11.Crayons vs Crayones
The top three are Crayones, but only the bottom one is to Crayons. By the way, the correct plural form of crayons is crayons.

Italian fashion brand "MOSCHINO" is "MOSCHIM".

13. Calvin Klein
I think that it is CK mark of fashion brand Calvin Klein, "Calerc Kiacn"

14. Another Calvin Klein
This is also a CK mark like Calvin Klein, but there is no letter K in the brand name written below ... ....

15. Esprit
It is fake of the fashion brand "ESPRIT", but I do not know what to read anymore.

An all - star ball star.

The mark is intact, but the name is a different thing at all.

18.Yves Saint Laurent
Eve Saint - Laurent is also fogged. The mark using YSL is also different ... ....

19. Polo Ralph Lauren
Lines are attached under Q to o. The horse 's footsteps are dangerous.

20.H & amp; M
Feelings turned upside down.

21. Nintendo Wii or "The Vii"
Nintendo's Wii to Vii. Characters of power sticks too.

22. Duracell Knock-off
Originally, "HONGWANG" is included where "DURACELL" must be entered.

I exchange r and o.

Although it looks like a fake article of "LACOSTE", "CROCODILE" is a different brand from "LACOSTE". The direction of the crocodile is opposite to "LACOSTE".

25. PUMA
The tiger of "PMUA" jumps in the opposite direction to "PUMA".

26. Kappa
"A" of "Kappa" changed to "o" to "Kappo".

27. Nike and adidas
In "NAKE" there are two marks, the mark of "odidoss" is reversed left and right, the shape of the three wires has changed slightly.

28. Nike Store
There is an extra line in the momentum Nike mark.

29. Burger King and Jack Daniels Whiskey
"Burger King" is "King Burger". The potato that is reflected behind is a little McDonald 's feeling ... .... "Jack Daniels" In "no john daphne" NO.7 in the real label changes to No. 1.

30. Heineken and Sony
Beer loved in the Netherlands, "Heineken" to "Heimekem". The star 's mark is somehow striking. And SONY to SONIA ... ....

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