When you do the action in the net world in the real world it becomes like this

I sometimes see people with completely different attitudes in the net world and in the real world, but here is a movie that shows us how humorous the acts I am doing in the net world are luscious in the real world.

Things You Do Online That 'd Be Creepy In Real Life - YouTube

Realizing the actions of the internet world makes us feel like a real person

◆ To promote human relations

Suddenly, I got up, "There are so many complicated circumstances that I am single (single) ..."

◆ Fight with someone I do not know

It suddenly appeared in front of the man who was talking on the phone and said, "I do not know who we are talking to, but you are really stupid."

A man who was told suddenly is puzzled.

Absolutely "I like it!"

"That Parker, is not it!"

"Flowers, nice!"

"Pigeons, like you!" ... and a man who keeps thumbs with just expressionlessly.

◆ Excessive share

A man who approached a woman suddenly and went to a woman who was not indifferent to wishes, but went "to look and look at my dog" and put a picture on the table.

"Look, see, my dog, look and see, my dog. Look at it ..."

◆ Follow

To the man who is eating the apple, "I really like your style," said the voice.

I follow you "from behind.


"Life with orange juice, how wonderful"

"# Orange-juice (hashtagLet's turn it on. "

◆ Abnormally honest

A gorgeous man leaving people who are in conversation and making a nodding beside the screen. If you think you started talking to "everyone ..." ... ...

"I am sad" and a word not to read the air.

◆ bonus
I can not wait for Sunday barbecue. I hope mashed potatoes will come ... ... and one person alone and all alone.

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