How to make Halloween costumes and cosplay up to the level significantly

Speaking of Halloween every year on October 31th, a child performs a costume such as a ghost, a witch, a zombie or a vampire, saying "trick or treat (I will prange you if you do not give me a sweetie)" Although it goes around the house of the neighborhood, it is considerably penetrating in Japan,Tokyo Disney ResortYaUSJBut at the time of Halloween it will be possible to make costumes in the park for a limited time only. YouTube introduced a way to make such a costume to Halloween with a smartphone.

Gut Ripping iPhone Halloween Costume + 17 more hi - tech costumes - YouTube

Mark Rober thought about how to make Halloween's costume level up, heI quit NASA who had worked for nine years to make Halloween costumes, And that.

We use "Digital DudzFree app called. Of course the application is published on the App Store and Google Play.

IPhone, iPad, iPod touch compatible Digital Dudz found in the iTunes App Store

Digital Dudz - Android application on Google Play

With the application you can display eyeballs and heart that move with such feeling.

Together with this, for example, combining T - shirts that cut out the eye part ... ...

It seems that the man's eyes drawn on the T-shirt are moving with the gyeologyeolo.

Impact is outstanding coupled with a real touch picture.

The way to make this gimmick is very easy, clip the eyeball part of the T - shirt ......

Just sticking smartphone with duct tape on the back. Easy to prepare easily, but those who saw Kore without knowing anything ... ....

In the application you can display the real second ... ...

Moving heart

Something messy effects

Manga ticky second one

A little eerie and huge second one

Furthermore, there are also gyeojo eyes, so it would be nice if you display what you like.

Furthermore prepare the case and store the smartphone in this.

And if you lower this from your neck and let your smartphone display your heart, it's a grotesque workmanship. Click on the image below to display the one without mosaic.

If you show the bottom of the shirt at the desired timing then OK. Although it seems that it is malicious mischief, even if you do not feel that you would like to see the reaction of the opponent who saw this ... ....

If you process a shirt with red paint etc., it changes to a more terrible appearance.

If you change what you see on your smartphone it looks like a cyborg.

Digital DudzA dedicated costume corresponding to the effect displayed on the application is sold on the website of the application, but it seems to be interesting even if you make your own costume suitable for the application. Because there are too gross stimulus because of too gross stimulus, it seems necessary to be careful when using it, but it is an app that seems to be able to make a fairly interesting disguise depending on the idea.

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