Next on smartphone malware countermeasure, charger with virus detection function "Skorpion"

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The possession rate of smaho risesMany people think that it is indispensable to life now, but then becoming a concern of malware infections including viruses and so on. Although it is a malware infection that risks being broken into your own smartphone without being aware of it and getting out of personal information or becoming an attacking source in places you do not know, as a new method of such risk countermeasure while charging the battery Malware countermeasure charger that detects and disinfects virus "Skorpion"Has been developed.

A Phone Charger That Also Scans for Malware | MIT Technology Review

thisSkorpionIt is a security-related start-up company that is developingKaprica SecurityIt is a company. This equipment is an international conference on computer security held in August 2013Black Hat"It is a thing announced in the thing that a virus diagnostic function is installed in a battery charger which is independent hardware other than smartphone. The point is that it carries out virus diagnosis from independent hardware separate from smartphones.

As a security measure for smartphones, it is common to install security software, but if the original smartphone is polluted, the effect of that software can not be expected. This Skorpion has been developed to compensate for such blind spots. Doug Britton, CEO and CEO of Lockheed Martin Corp. previously said, "Skorpion is not detected on a system such as smartphone OS, memory, processor, but from another independent location If the system itself is contaminated, the diagnosis result itself may have been rewritten. "

Usage is almost the same as general charger, only charging by connecting the cable to the smartphone. Diagnosis is started in this state, and if there is no problem the green lamp is turned on. In addition, if you set it to reboot while sleeping by using the timer function of the smartphone, it is also possible to perform more detailed diagnosis. If a problem is found, the red lamp lights up to inform you of the infection and you can set it to automatically restore to the original state before the infection. To update the definition file and send the diagnostic result, it is also possible to use smart phone data communication and create various reports based on accumulated data.

This Skorpion is scheduled to start selling for enterprises from the end of 2013 to the beginning of 2014. The main unit price is about 65 dollars (about 6500 yen), the monthly renewal cost is 3 dollars to 4 dollars (About 300 yen to 400 yen) is supposed to be assumed. Not a company brand, but a smartphone peripheral equipment manufacturerBelkinWe are considering selling from such as.

While it is no longer necessary to say "There is no universal malware countermeasure", it is encouraging that new security measures will emerge.

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