Ten signs that camera otaku will give out

recentlyCompact digital camera Smartphone with camera functionThere are many camera otakers who are passionate about taking original pictures even with cameras. A movie that summarizes the ten signatures that such camera otaku put out10 Signs You're a Photo Geek"Is published on YouTube, and if you look at this you can judge whether you are a camera nerd or not.

10 Signs You're a Photo Geek - YouTube

◆ 01: I have a functional fashion

Two men are talking in the office, but the man who is standing to the left is a camera geek.

Push the hem of the polo shirt into the pants to make it easy to move ...

You can not say that it is a very fashionable dress that you are wearing easily removable shoes. It is a fashion based on the assumption of shooting with a camera, as a result of pouring money and attention on camera equipment too much, other things have been neglected.

◆ 02: Clumsiness of a sex is clumsy

A camera nerd who tries to talk to an anxious woman.

But I can not speak well ... ...

Conversely to give women distrust.

Two people encounter while going out.

I am staring at you and conflicting with it.

I could not explain what I was walking while taking a picture ... ...

To be misunderstood that it was trying to photograph a skirt inside a skirt with a woman.

If you are not good at talking to the opposite sex with a camera geek, you may end up with this kind of result at the worst.

◆ 03: Speak with roundabout words

It is like a feature of camera otaku to quote words from Wikipedia edited by yourself, and to speak only with touring circle words.

◆ 04: I will only talk about the camera anytime

When I went out for lunch with my friends.

When it comes to the story of yourself, camera otaku to take out the camera quickly.

A woman squirting a tired look with talking about a camera that is not interested.

Even if I change the topic as irresistible "What were you doing over the weekend?"

Of course, it was a camera otaku to play back the topic of the camera that he was fiddling with the camera.

It may be bored with such a camera nerd.

◆ 05: bringing improper tools on the spot

It is a tough way to eat dishes with cameras and smartphones during meals ......

If you use extraordinary tools imbalanced on the spot, such as taking out a tripod in the restaurant, there is no doubt that you can see it with strange eyes from around.

People who have such experiences are suspected camera otaku ants.

◆ 06: spend a long time at the online forum

For camera otaku, there seems to be a lot of people who repeat posts trying to post comments that are wisely seen on the online forum, or to draw attention to surroundings.

◆ 07: I spend a long time at the recycle shop

Even if you come shopping with friends, if you are a camera otaku you often get stuck in front of the camera in the recycle shop.

A friend also gets awesome at such camera otaku.

Still you can not leave the camera "camera idiot".

◆ 08: Trying to get a high-end camera tool

Some may say that they feel a superiority in having more expensive cameras and camera tools than other people than taking pictures that others can not shoot.

◆ 09: carefully treat the camera like my child

Wipe the lens carefully ......

If you carefully handle the camera too much, there is a doubt of camera otaku.

◆ 10: Even getting absorbed in taking pictures around the desk

A person who is crazy even to shoot a casual thing around the desk.

People who try to do such a closeup while noticing it is a temperament ant of camera otaku.

There are also considerably biased items and extreme things, but there are also many comments from users who have issued multiple signs in the YouTube comment section. Not only cameras, it is something that everyone can not see around when it comes to things you like, so you better be careful about myself signing out these signs to invite.

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