Reason for being a better programmer as lazy and foolish as human

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Those who are excellent and work quickly work well and their heads look premature, but in the field of programming the story seems to be different. According to Philip Lenssen of the blogger, he said that he must be lazy and stupid than an excellent programmer, and I am disclosing the reasons.

Why Good Programmers Are Lazy and Dumb

Because lazy programmers want to reduce their work, there are times when we create useful tools and software. Also, it is monotonous, there is a tendency not to write enough code to repeat, and to scrape off extra things. A tool created from the effort created by wanting to make it easier will help you to increase productivity.


Also, a lazy programmer must not be lazy to be an excellent programmer. Sounds as contradictory, but to an excellent programmer it is necessary to have a desire to learn without having to worry if it is to make your job easier.

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Lenssen says "Excellent programmers must be foolish". Because the wise man knows that he is smart, he has the drawback of "stopping learning" and "not seeing his work with a critical eye". Programmers who have stopped learning will be satisfied with the current situation and will not adopt the latest technology that can work smoothly.

Also, since wise people do not see their work critically,debugYaRefactoringYou may not be able to proceed smoothly in the work. An excellent programmer, when problems arise,compilerIt is not strange that it is important to recognize that there is a mistake in yourself as soon as possible.


According to Lenssen, there are reasons for programmers to be stupid in addition to the above. An excellent programmer who works at Lenssen's work seems to ask a very simple question when a problem occurs, and its content is "Are you restarting your browser / PC?" "Cache has been cleared?" "PC Are you watching the screen of? Are you looking at the printed out paper? "" Are other images displayed properly? ", Etc. It seems like a smart programmer thought that it is possible to think without programmers, etc All questions are not answered.

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However, in most cases of problems arising in programming, it is often caused by small mistakes like careless mistakes, so we are not paying attention to basic mistakes and a high level problem has occurred A smart programmer who tends to think is not suitable for debugging and refactoring.

A person who is too foolish tends to cause wrong actions without thinking what will happen next then when you encounter problems. People who are too smart tend to deeply think about how to approach the problem without taking action immediately when problems occur. According to Lenssen, an excellent programmer said "A person who is too stupid"When"A person who is too smartJust about half way out of 10 times, making the wrong decision once in 10 times is worse than not doing anything right, 5 times out of 10 times and doing nothing 5 times the rest I know that the possibility of escaping the situation will rise.

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So, to an excellent programmer, do not spare no effort to say "how long can you be lazy", people who wake up even if it is ridiculous behavior without thinking even if problems arise It is said that it is suitable.

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