Seven unknown scientific positions contributing to human progress

ByJennifer rouse

Speaking of science jobs, there may be an intelligent image of work in the laboratory, but there are seven highly quirky science jobsLiveScienceIt is picked up at. It seems that there are a wide range of occupations ranging from a spectacular occupation of space relations to those related to excrement.

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◆ 1: Fireworks designer
It is the chemist who produces rain of fireworks sparks and light of various colors.


Chemists who make fireworks show the color peculiar to each metal when burning compounds such as alkali metal, alkaline earth metal, copper,Flame reactionDesign the fireworks to release a beautiful color when the chemical products are heated using. For example, because the copper compound burns blue, the strontium compound burns deep red, and the sodium compound burns yellow, so we combine them to create fireworks.

ByHarold Neal

To become a firework designer, you usually need a master's degree or a doctorate in chemistry.

◆ 2: Space psychologist
A cosmic psychologist is a profession who studies how astronauts should deal with things in space flight and under the zero gravity environment of the universe.

The astronaut's work is very continuous and highly organized, and the actual space flight has many physical sensations not experienced in the life of the earth, such as zero gravity condition and acceleration. Cosmos psychologists advise on how astronauts should do so that astronauts can successfully withdraw the best performance physically and mentally and get the best rest.

ByPaul Hudson

A long-standing manned mission to Mars is currently planned by NASA and private companies, and this occupation is considered to be increasingly important at that time.

◆ 3: Sex scientists
According to Merriam-Webster's online dictionary, sex science is a research on interaction of sex and sex, especially in humans. It is a diversity of research and requires knowledge of biology, medicine, psychology, sociology and various other fields.

ByRowena Waack

Sex scientists study a variety of things from sexual preference since adolescence to mechanics of sexual intercourse, sexual dysfunction.

◆ 4: Milking of the snake
Milking is the act of extracting venomous poison venom. Although it is not a milk but a venom of a snake, when it is used correctly it will give vitality to the human body.

BySean dreilinger

Venom is very dangerous, it also becomes the main ingredient of the antidote when bite by a snake, it is also a component of many medicines.

The occupation of snake milking has two kinds of work, one is to extract toxic substances and the other is to remove toxic substances from snakes' fangs. This venom will be powdered with freeze-drying, used to produce chemicals for blood clotting, heart attacks and hypertension.

ByErnie & amp; Katy Newton Lawley

◆ 5: Scatologist
Scatology is a study on excretion. Although it can not be said to be very attractive, this research allows scientists to learn about the habits, health conditions, and diseases of many animals.

ByKarmabomb 1

Animal feces can clarify what the animal has eaten and it is also possible to know where the animal was going. Bacteria in feces provide sampling of animals and plants in the intestines of animals. And this bacteria also shows the health condition of animals.

Studies on faeces also lead to the advancement of human medicine. For example,Fecal transplantationIs likely to be an effective means of curing intestinal infectious diseases which had been difficult to handle by restoring the body's bacteria to a healthy equilibrium state.

ByAtomische * Tom Giebel

◆ 6: Laugh Therapist
Laughter is the best medicine. It has been found that laughter reduces stress, enhances the immune system, and has many other advantages.

ByAnirudh Koul

The laughter therapist invites the patient to laugh, but it does not do jokes or comedical things. Instead of them we will guide you to make a deep and joyful laugh like a baby will experience.

ByLucid Nightmare

◆ 7: Fermentation scientist
Many fermented foods exist in foods such as beer, wine, bread, cheese, pickles, yoghurt, etc. These fermented foods are processed by a process called "fermentation" in which yeasts and bacteria convert sugar to acid, or gas or alcohol It is made by.

ByOlivier Duquesne

Fermentation scientists are scientists who study how microorganisms can be used in the fermentation process and Mr. Louis Pasteur discovered that yeast is associated with fermentation The first fermentation science It is a person.

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