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Anime"Attack on Titan"Linked Horizon's" Guren no Yuya "is overwhelmingly popular, including becoming first place in the weekly rankings despite the fact that JOYSOUND has karaoke but no lyrics display. CD is released on July 10, full size version of "Crimson bow and arrow" and late opening theme "Wing of freedom" is also delivered, but according to thisCollaboration campaignIt is decided to carry out. This is a lottery in total of 20 people who took a picture singing "Guren no Yuya" with Utsuki movies or winning 90.938 points nationwide on ONLINE and winning a total of 20 people "Revo certified signature certified Proof "will be gifts. The period is until July 15th.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

With the helical beam communication technology, the communication speed reaches 2.5 Tbps and in the future there is no need to worry about bandwidth problems - zero GIGAZINE

I tried using a small pot that boils delicious spaghetti for a small number of people - GIGAZINE

A rainy-day rate map showing the world's rainy and non-falling cities - GIGAZINE

Desktop stoning kit that reproduces the medieval weapon "thrower" on the desk and throws stones - GIGAZINE

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Painful news (No ∀ `): 【Image】 Topics on the cosplay of Seki staff who PR Eva exhibition is too bad - Livedoor blog

43: Nanashi @ 13th anniversary: ​​2013/06/28 (Fri) 14: 10: 16.97 ID: JN9WB5l9P
Staff "Do not run away, do not run away, do not run away"

Space Battleship Yamato 1966 about - Togetter

I want you to be a story Glitter name: 2ch Copipe preservation dojo

The tension of the sender is too high: iaa ι ぃ (* ゜ ー °) NEWS 2nd

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NASA "Voyager 1 is reaching the edge of the solar system" International news: AFPBB News

Japanese eel to consider extermination species designation NHK News

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Asahi Shimbun Digital: Camera dealership chief suspects voyeur Gifu, arrest of current criminal - Society

According to Teikoku Databank, a private research company, Samsung Camera was founded in 1941, and its sales in February this year is about 4.8 billion yen. In 2004, Sugiyama was appointed president, focusing on camera sales on the Internet, accounting for about 40% of sales.

NHK announces the abolition of agreement with Ecuador rice NHK News

Riding over Snowden US, China and Russia Fierce bargaining My former prime minister shamed in Japan ~ Research on China Co., Ltd. (221)

The "Snooden Catchbook" which prestige of the United States moved this week to the Moscow airport this week and the second act began. Underwater battles between the US, China and Russia involving President Vladimir Putin are spectacular. Compared to this, what a "misplaced" visit by Japanese former prime minister this week is. This week I will pick up the gap between Japan and the world.

Kick it to a cohabiting female police officer and cut off police inspections Female police officers also admonish with adultery Osaka Prefectural Police - MSN Sankei west

Peer Reem apologize sentence "Pfizer's department is lost before listing but we expected sales and kept silent until the contract was canceled": Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

624 Name: Yamasaki @ in the trade [] Posted on: 2013/06/27 (Thurs) 20: 18: 34.89 ID: OOrRHGRE 0
There is no worse listing goal than Morimoto → FOIw
There is no malicious listing fraud than FOI → Peptide Rim www
History repeats any number of times ...

Even if it is not contracted to NHK, the opinion that "a contract will be concluded by court judgment" comes out | Slashdot Japan

Chunichi Newspaper: Violence to Railroad Staff Rampant Railroad Man Testimony: Living (CHUNICHI Web)

"Mizuho" paused NHK news such as ATM this weekend

Asahi Newspaper Digital: Asahi Shimbun Hate the author's personal information, suspicious phone - Society

It is sneaky to expose the personal information of people who posted in the newspaper's column to the internet, and to harass the phone. It can lead to the assassination of speech.

I feel bad about trying to exclude opinions that are slightly different from my own thoughts in these acts. If there is a different opinion, rather than trying to hurt individuals anonymously, you should say confidently. In the "voice" column, we have also posted claims different from the editorials, such as opposing the consumption tax increase tax increase and promoting nuclear power plants.

We will continue to request deletion on sites that have been confirmed to be written. In order to cope with this situation, I made a team in the editorial department. It will serve as a window for consultation and will firmly support the people who have written.

The area, age, occupation, the people living in are the important information to convey the position of the person speaking. There is worry that irresponsible opinion will increase with anonymous writing. I think that it is important to keep a place to say opinions with confidence in real names, and to protect society.

【Reading attention】 Let's write a crash incidents, accidents: philosophy news nwk

"I will charge you for violating child pornography law" Attention to "Notice of accusation" received from a fictitious lawyer | Attorney Dot Com Topics

LINE ID exchange bulletin board closed at police request: News: Net & Digital: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

According to investigation officials, the closing was a bulletin board called "line match". In April this year, a high school second year boy in Uji City, Uji City, arrested for violating child prostitution and child pornography prohibition (providing) for sending child pornography video to a man (32) in Aichi prefecture using the line (17) stated that "I exchanged ID with a man with a line match," the prefectural police asked the Tokyo operators to close down.

Asahi Shimbun Digital: "Unreasonable Norma in the Evacuation Room" Claimant of Securities Companies - Society

Children three people trim guaranteed man's affairs NHK News

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Honan Railway President "Abolish the Otori Line" / Web east side · news 20130628084515

Red water comes out from the tap! I can not rebuild it! Reason why "Limited Condominium" is rapidly increasing in cities | Future of Population Decrease Nippon | Diamond Online

Hidden Mother Mystery of Photography - Togetter

Asahi Shimbun Digital: almost half of married people "sexless" condom major research - society

Characteristics of untrustworthy humans | Life Hack Channel 2

Dry wet material in water | National Diet Library - National Diet Library

Lifted person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: 【picture】 The body of grandpa (74 years old) began to train muscle at the age of 60 It is supposed to be a bad thing about topics - livedoor blog

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[Event Report] Explain the enhancements of Internet Explorer 11 and SkyDrive

Correct the behavior of Japanese input of WP-Editorial Calendar | Lifehacking.jp

Blogging warm incognito "WP Remember Your Posts" has released |

Information security consultation room of Egihara Hagiwara: Cause of leakage of customer information understood from adult site DM (1/3) - ITmedia enterprise

【Urgent】 beginners using WPtouch for smartphones at WordPress are caution | More Access! More Fun!

If you are afraid of Gunosy cannon, I think you should use Jetpack's Photon: actyway

When the thumbnail image of the blog was directly linked, I thought whether the content side should cache it. | I hope you enjoy the sushi.

Norton Mobile Insight Detects Personal Information Disclosure by Facebook Application | Symantec Connect Community

Hatena bookmark - Hatena idea will end on July 31 - Hatena idea diary - Function change, information etc.

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TV anime "Valkyrie Romance" PV 1st bullet - YouTube

【Support FAN Ding】 Please support the teacher "Yu Akishinji Yu" collapsed with cerebral hemorrhage! - People in J Comi Co., Ltd.

Management status and digression of big site - Togetter

Notice to everyone who is enjoying "Pocket Monster" series - Nintendo website: Notice to customers

Currently, for the "Pocket Monster" series, application software for smartphones (application) not licensed as Pokemon Nintendo Co., Ltd. is sold. This unlicensed application has the function of making invalid Pokemon data and sending illegal Pokemon into game software using an informal server.

Please read it before you watch. Ultra literary book guide (Git studio) Ghibli new work "Cold wind" is more crying (Excite Review) - Excite News

Announcement of service termination | Hero of the brave | Playstation R Official site

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【Quick News】 Major re-elevation decision of Mawori Kawasaki! Promote on behalf of the injured Cabrera! : What's J Stadium @ N J Summary

I will make a summary site of baseball !!: Toronto local paper, enumerating 13 reasons why I miss Munelin

Post Tahara Soichiro is Tsuda Daisuke or Ogi Ueno Tiki? Temporary emergence and seriousness to bring out signs of other stations after work: Agora - Livedoor blog

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The first chocolate cookie product is newly released in the refreshing taste "Yogret"! New release of "chocolate sweet yogret"

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