I tried a square puff cream filled with custard to the corner "Shu cubic"

It is a venerable food company that lasted since 1682DALLOYAUDice puff shaped puff which is sold from "Shoe cubic"is. I was shaping it like a cream puff and tried to eat it because I was concerned about what kind of taste it actually is.

Darouayo: Shu cubic

I bought it immediately.

Shu cubic was in a box filled with cake well.

This is shoe cubic. Although it has become a beautiful cube, how is he doing?

Compared to iPhone 5 this feeling of size. One side of the shoe cubic is just about the width of the iPhone.

Looking at the dough nearby it looks like a dough that is more moist than puff cream.

Cutting the shoe cubic tilly, there is a crisp cream inside and "I wonder if I can eat such a lot of cream alone"?

When you eat it, rich custard cream enters the mouth and the fragrance of vanilla beans spreads. The fabric part that wraps the cream seems to be a light thin pie cloth.

The price is 630 yen including tax. Even if you eat anything, the custard cream is packed tightly, so it's a dish like cream lovers.

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