Recording of recorded and recorded program from torne to external HDD of BD recorder is possible

PS3 dedicated TV application "TorneVersion 4.2 was released on May 16th. In Torne, the function "Reco x Tornet" enables you to operate Sony BD recorders in the same network from torne, and connects to PS3's main HDD, PS3 as the recording destination Although it was possible to choose the main HDD of HDD attached, Sony made BD recorder, external HDD connected to Sony made BD recorder can now be specified as a recording destination and play recorded program in external HDD It will be able to do.

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◆ Addition of video search function
For the programs that have been recorded with torne so far, sorting was done with "recorded HDD" "recording date" "recording day" "broadcasted channel", there was no search function, but from program ver 4.2 You can now search recorded programs by keywords as well. Search keywords can be selected from the input history, locked frequently used and saved.

By the way, for the program recorded with the terrestrial digital tuner included in torne and the program recorded with nasne, the program title and program description were recorded on the BD recorder that is cooperating with "Reco x Torune" For the program only the program title will be searched.

◆ Live function revival
From March 4 th, 2013 the live function to work with Twitter was paused, but it revived with ver 4.2. The screen design has been slightly changed and the function to "register to favorites" has been increased for selected tweets, while the "quote" function has been deleted.

◆ Reko × Torune enhancement
Torne is the default, you can use the external HDD connected to PS3's main HDD, PS3 as the recording destination, but if you are using a Sony made BD recorder you will be charged a fee "Reco × Torne" function By purchasing, BD recorder can also be operated from torne. Up to now, this target was only the BD recorder main unit, but from ver 4.2, the external HDD connected to the BD recorder is also applicable. This function may not be available depending on the model of the BD recorder, so if it does not work wellPages of "RECO × Torne" compatible modelsPlease Confirm.

◆ Delete period switching function of chart screen
Torne has a function to compile what kind of program you have seen so far, but the period for switching the aggregation period on this chart screen has been deleted. The aggregation period has been three types, "Week", "Month", "ALL (Total)" until now, only "ALL" will be in the future.

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