The fastest 1.9GHz quad-core CPU and visual axis detection function "Galaxy S4 SC-04E" haste photo & movie review

NTT DoCoMo There are only things that are positioned as one of the two-summer model of the 2013 model, and not only the hardware but also a lot of pretty good features are installed on the software "Galaxy S4 SC-04E"is.

New product list: GALAXY S4 SC-04E | Main features of the 2013 summer model | Products | NTT DoCoMo

Arrive at booth

The size is about 137 × 70 × 8 mm, the weight is about 134 g

Tipping like this, it's 1 mm thinner than the previous model

NTT DoCoMo's position as flagship model

Supports other than waterproof, infrared, full seg

Having it in your hand

Since it is the world's first about 5-inch full HD organic EL display (1080 × 1920), the energy saving performance is improved by about 20% from the previous model GALAXY S III α

On the back, the battery can be removed with 2600 mAh, ROM is 32 GB, RAM is 2 GB

The camera has about 13.2 million pixels and the inside camera has 2.1 million pixels, and there is a dual camera function to shoot both at the same time.




As functions utilizing gaze detection, there are "Smart Scroll" which scrolls by looking at gaze / face and tilt, "Smart Pose" stopping playback when removing eyes from movies

If you actually use smart scrolling, what will happen will be understood by watching the demonstration movie by the following actual machine.

"Galaxy S4 SC-04E" Smart Scroll - YouTube

"Smart pose" which stops playback when you take your eyes off the movie is as follows.

Smart pose of "Galaxy S4 SC-04E" - YouTube

"S gesture" which can be operated just by moving a hand on the screen was also demonstrated. This seems quite convenient.

S gesture of "Galaxy S4 SC-04E" - YouTube

Also, if you use the "group play" function, you can play music and share music simultaneously with other Galaxy S 4 of another person or play the game at the same time

This is an application "Group Play" that enables group play

Startup screen

Sharing music, images, documents, selection screen for simultaneous game play

Selecting photos you want to share

Then tap it and OK

In actual demonstration that sharing music with two Galaxy S 4 and using it as a left speaker and right speaker is like the following. Pretty fun.

Music sharing with "Galaxy S4 SC-04E" group play - YouTube

In addition, Galaxy S4 is scheduled to be booked on May 16, released on May 23, only Blue Arctic, Japan's own color, will be released in the middle of June

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