A movie showing the full picture of "asteroid capture plan" by NASA is released

"April 10," Budget Teacher "showing the budgeting policy for fiscal year 2014 was submitted in the US, but NASA's project totaling about 10 billion yen"Asteroid capture plan"contained. This is to capture the asteroid as its name, carry out mining work etc on the orbit circle of the moon, but the simulation of the plan is uploaded to YouTube by NASA.

NASA - NASA's Asteroid Initiative Benefits From Rich History

NASA - NASA Administrator Bolden's Statement on the NASA FY 2014 Budget Request

Roll out budget(PDF)

The full picture of the asteroid capture plan by NASA can be seen from the following movie.

NASA Announces Asteroid Identification, Capture and Sampling Initiative - YouTube

First, we will find asteroids that are relatively close to the Earth. The target asteroid is undecided, but it is expected to be 5 to 10 m in diameter and weighing about 500 t.

Unmanned spacecraft wraps asteroids ......

I secure it firmly. Since this probe works with a high power solar system, we assume that if we proceed with the development of spacecraft, we can dramatically improve existing solar systems.

Carrying the asteroid close to the earth ......

I will put it on orbit around the moon.

On the other hand, rockets are fired from the ground.

At this time,NASA's new space ship "Orion"It is said that it is used.

Mining work is carried out by the astronauts sent in, and a part of the asteroids are sent to the earth. Also, it seems that a way to change the course of asteroids colliding with the earth by this plan is also studied.

Promotion of electric technology using solar energy is essential as a future energy source. In addition, the development of a lightweight and easy-to-move space suit by this plan,Plan to send humans to Mars in 2030As a result, in the FY 2014 US budget paper, $ 105 million (about 10.5 billion yen) of funds for asteroid capture planning was posted. The overall budget for the plan is$ 2.6 billion (about 260 billion yen)It has become. The plan started around 2017, and by 2025 the astronaut is scheduled to be sent to the asteroid.

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