About "Kuroko's Basketball" event Tokyo Big Sight reveals intention to do after May

In each event of Comic Market 83 · DOUBLE CLUTCH · HARU COMIC CITY 18, "Kuroko's Basketball" relation was out of line (out of exhibition, only event was discontinued), but finally it will be in the direction to be lifted after May I understood that it is becoming.

Responding to a series of intimidation cases concerning cartoon "Kuroko's Basketball" | Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center)

The applicable part of the above announcement is as follows.

(2) Future response
Meanwhile, while closely watching the trends of a series of intimidation cases, we have continued discussions and other matters concerning future actions with related sections. While carefully assessing the situation, as a result of carefully coordinating with the police authorities, comprehensively taking into consideration the recent circumstances of this case and the trends of event holding at other facilities etc., we are currently holding Is scheduled for this and other related events since May this year, if there are no special circumstances changes in the future, "The organizers will conduct close consultations with the police authorities and the Company, We will take ordinary actions on the premise that we will take necessary measures to secure. "
As for us, we will continue to operate the facility, firstly to ensure the safety and security of visitors. Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation, as the host organizers and visitors of each event hold us.

Although it is still unknown in what state the "measures necessary for ensuring safety" refers to what level, the current situation is still unknown, but since we can not keep on giving way to intimidation forever, since last year It seems that the situation that was stiff and stagnant will finally proceed ahead.

At the same time, the notice mentioned above also refers to what kind of circumstances had occurred at each event of comic market 83 · COMIC CITY Tokyo 131 · DOUBLE CLUTCH · HARU COMIC CITY 18, especially "COMIC CITY Tokyo 131" Even if there are Kuroko 's basketball related circle, it is clear that the intention to hold is clarified, it seems that this was a breakthrough.

It will look like this when sorted in chronological order.

· Saturday, December 29 - 2012 - Monday, 31 December 2012
◆ Comic Market 83 case (Kuroko's basketball related circle only will be exhibited)

Although we have been discussing with organizers and the police authorities several times for several months until the opening, the organizer's judgment that the "Kuroko's Basketball" related circle will not appear will depend on the customer's safety · From the viewpoint of ensuring security, we believe that we have made a decision of bitterness.
Regarding this event, the organizer confirms the baggage of the visitors, and as a company, we will also prepare a thorough attitude, such as increasing the number of security guards and strengthening the vigilant warning system and ending the event successfully I made it.

· Sunday, January 27, 2013
◆ COMIC CITY Tokyo 131 case (Kuroko's Basketball Related Circle is held only as a part of the whole)

Meanwhile, the organizer indicated that the exhibition of "Kuroko's Basketball" related circle is part of the entire event, so after taking a thorough security system, the intention to hold the event as planned It was. As a company that manages and operates large-scale attracting facilities, we have repeatedly considered our way of thinking while thinking of securing customers' safety and security as the top priority, but even from the organizers, , After receiving the response to hold the event as scheduled after seeking the maximum effort to ensure safety, ultimately, "We ask the police authorities etc. for guidance in the responsibility of the organizer While taking the promise of promising about "to take maximum measures to ensure the safety of visitors, etc.", it was decided to use the facility.

· February 10, 2013 (Sunday)
◆ In the case of DOUBLE CLUTCH (Kuroko 's Basketball only event stopped the entire event)

Meanwhile, the organizer showed his willingness to hold the event as planned after taking the perfect security system. As a company that manages and operates large-scale attracting facilities, we have repeatedly explained our way of thinking while thinking of securing customers' safety and security as the top priority, but eventually the organizers asked us We judged comprehensively and carefully the details of the offer and the progress so far, and received an answer that we will stop the holding. Since this event is an only event of "Kuroko's Basketball", as a result it has been decided to cancel the event itself, but the judgment of the organizer is heavy from the viewpoint of securing the safety and security of the customer I think that we made a decision.

· March 17, 2013 (Sunday)
◆ In the case of HARU COMIC CITY 18 (Kuroko's Basketball Related Works Circle Participating Cancellation &Related distribution and exhibition also outTo

Meanwhile, the organizers also expressed their intention to hold events as planned even in light of these various situations. As a company that manages and operates large-scale attracting facilities, it is up to the above thought to consider safety and security of customers as the top priority, but ultimately, depending on the judgment of the organizer, the related circle will not be exhibited Has been decided.
As for the event, as a facility manager, we were able to finish the event successfully by strengthening the vigilance system while fully coordinating with the organizers as well as the police authorities.

Looking at this way, the safety measures carried out at "COMIC CITY TOKYO 131" are comparatively effective and may be the future standards, and the safety measures implemented have the following contents.

1: "Individualization of entrance leads"
2: "East 3: Implementation of baggage inspection for all visitors" (Admission when not cooperating with baggage inspection is refused)
3: "Arrangement of security guards"
4: "Prohibiting the use of garbage boxes in the East Building Galleria"
5: "Prohibited use of coin locker in East Building Galleria"

In addition, for the sake of security, "For the sake of security of the venue, guided by the Tokyo Gulf Street this time, I will cancel the participation of the cosplayers' cosplaySo it is going to prohibit cosplay. This is not only to say, "Who is a suspicious person who is a dubious person, who is not suspicious, who can not be judged by security guards and policemen who do not have cosplay knowledge" when bringing cosplay, but bring it for cosplay change It seems that it is impossible for a security guard or a police officer who has no knowledge to judge whether things can not be inspected & necessary items.

In summary of the above, it will be OK if the safety measures that are equal to or higher than the above are to be held in May and beyond, so in future events organizer side trends It is noteworthy.

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