I tried "Nissin DEEP STYLE Deca Odoru Nino" which is tangled with mellow pork bone soup firmly in thick noodles with volume twice

Super delicious cup noodle brand "Nissin deka king" eat with a rich soup from the series and upgraded the response "Nissin DEEP STYLE Deca Wang Seonno (vegetable) vegetable pig bone soy sauce"Was released on March 18th. We purchased and eaten what it is like by combining 120 g of noodles which is twice as much as our company, and a pig pork bone soup which is further cooked.

"Nissin DEEP STYLE Deca Oceanno (vegetable) vegetable pig bone soy sauce" entwined with boasted noodles! New release on March 18, 2013 (Monday)

This is called "Nissin DEEP STYLE Deca Owen Ohno (Vita) vegetable pig bone soy sauce"

King DekaW source yakisobaThe latest work of volume intensive series such as.

I will try opening the lid immediately.

Inside are powder soup and seasoning oil.

The weight of noodles is 123 g, according to Nissin, it is set to double the amount of ordinary cup noodles.

Calorie for one meal 170 g is 819 kcal. It seems that calories are also doubled for double the amount.

First of all, open the powder soup into the cup.

Pour hot water and wait 4 minutes.

Four minutes later, we introduced seasoning oil into ramen.

Completion by stirring firmly.

In the soup is the appearance of pig mince, cabbage, carrot.

The soup has a thick and it has a taste of pretty cooked pig bones, but because it uses vegetables a little mildness is added plus a male as well as a woman was finished easy to eat.

The noodles are tight thick noodles and entangled very well with thick soup. There is only noodle volume twice as much as our company, the feeling of satiety is considerable, it is perfect when you want to eat what you've been getting hungry.

The price is 215 yen including tax.

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