TrendMicro Announces Survey Results That One of 10 Android Applications Is Malware

When Trend Micro analyzed 2 million Android applications, it turned out that about 290,000, which is over 10%, was malware. Some of those downloaded from doubtful app stores in China and Russia were included, but about 70 thousand books were downloaded from Google Play.

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Virus and malware for mobile devices are for Symbian OSCabirAlthough it appeared like every year since its appearance in 2004, it has never been removed or reach a dangerous level before doing harmful activities. However, it seems that the past 2 years have come to a point that is really dangerous.

Even if a company dealing with security related software says "malware for mobile terminals is prevalent this year," this time, it is said that it is often pointed at suspicion of doubt as "to sell their software." However, Trend Micro says "I really want to see doubt aside as I see it so dangerous," I want it. The data is obtained by analyzing Android applications with Trend Micro's over 2 million copies, of which about 700 thousand copies are provided on Google Play.


As a result of data analysis, 290,3091 items could be classified as "completely malignant malware", of which 150 thousand 203 were particularly high risks. Also, out of 290,3091, 68,840 were offered on Google Play.

Of the malware, 22% inappropriately pulled out the user's data via the network, SMS, and telephone. In the dataIMEI (mobile phone identification number),ICCID (SIM card unique number), Telephone number, contact information, etc. are included. Some of the applications used cameras and microphones to obtain private information.

Already in ChinaOver 500,000 Android smartphones are infected with malware 'SMSZombie' extracting bank account numberI am doing it.The malware detection rate by the new function of Android 4.2 is only 15%That's why it is necessary to take self-defense measures firmly.

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