"WallpaperFusion" that you can get high-resolution wallpaper for multi-monitor free of charge

You can download beautiful wallpapers for high resolution and multi-monitor for free "WallpaperFusion"is. Handle software for multi monitorDisplayFusionThere are wallpapers that are compatible with Quad Monitor (4 monitors) for wallpaper sites that are managed by Wallpaper, as well as wallpapers for iPhone and iPad, as well as for PCs.

The best multi-monitor and Eyefinity wallpaper images • WallpaperFusion

The wallpaper can be displayed for each genre such as "animals" "books and comics" "people" "music".

In addition to the popular order and new arrival order, it is also possible to specify and display the number of monitors, such as for single monitor, for dual monitor, for triple monitor, for quad monitor. I will display popular items this time.

It changed in appearance like this.

The number of comments, the number of downloads, the number of supported monitors, and the evaluation are listed in the lower right of each image.

Click on the image to jump to the download page. This isthe avengersWallpaper.

Wallpaper of 1600 × 900 corresponded to single to triple monitors.

High resolution wallpapers are also available and you can also find things for iPhone and iPad. Please select the resolution suitable for your environment.

And if you click the wallpaper that matches the number of monitors and the place of the monitor, the image will be displayed.

For example, if it is wallpaper for triple monitor, the whole is like this.

Since it is a triple monitor wallpaper is divided into three, the left is a kore.



For a single monitor like this, the left and right are cut a bit.

Therefore, one example of the wallpaper with multi monitor also is from the following.

◆ 01:Grand Canyon River

◆ 02:Bridge of a Spaceship

◆ 03:Earth and Galaxies

◆ 04:Star Wars

◆ 05:Fire and Ice

◆ 06:Coruscant

◆ 07:Ministry of Silly Walks

◆ 08:Jessica Alba

◆ 09:Over the City

◆ 10:Airboat Fantasy

◆ 11:In The Field

◆ 12:Skull

◆ 13:Steampunk

◆ 14:My Dream World

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