"Wine Pairing Chart" which can confirm at a glance which wine and food compatibility is good

It is said that "red wine is for meat, white wine for fish", but there is also red wine that fits the fish, and even with meat, beef and chicken will have slightly different wines. About this problem, "Wine Pairing Chart" made 11 different kinds of food and 8 kinds of wine, and visualized the compatibility in a comprehensible manner.

Wine Pairing Chart | Visual.ly

The whole chart looks like this

Food is classified as follows. "Raw vegetables" "Frozen vegetables" "Soft cheese (Camembert etc.)" "Hard cheese (such as cheddar cheese)" "Starch (bread etc.)" ... ...

"Fish" "Richfish (image of crab and others)"

"White meat (chicken, etc.)" "Red meat (beef, etc.)" "Meat processed for storage (ham etc.)" "Sweets"

The wine to be paired with this is "White wine dry (Sauvignon Blanc, Albarinho etc)" "White wine sweet mouth (Gewertz Traminel, Muller Turuga etc.)" "High grade white wine (Chardonnay, Roussanne etc)" "Sparkling wine (Champagne , Prosecco etc) "

"Light red wine (Pinot Noir, Zweigelt etc.)" "Ordinary red wine (Tempelinho, Sangiovese etc.)" "Heavy red wine (Cabernet · Sauvignon, Monastrell etc.)" "Desert wine (Late Harvest, Sherry, Port etc) "

They are color-coded and are connected by lines, so it's easy to understand what's compatible with just saying "What kind of wine is this food?" "What kind of food is this wine?"

By the way, Asparagus, Soybean, Artichoke, Brussels sprouts and Chocolate are described in the margin because they are difficult ingredients to match with any kind of wine.

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