The state of harsh labor of the Amazon logistics center was found, and a great sacrifice was revealed

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The world's largest online shopping site Amazon is a British rural townRugeleyI have a huge distribution center for nine soccer courts. Immediately after announcing the establishment of this distribution center was expected to have a great effect on the creation of permanent employment in the area, in fact it is hard to walk 24 kilometers a day in the warehouse Even if you do the job you can easily be dismissed Sometimes the harsh situation turned out. Sarah O'Connor, an economic reporter of the Financial Times, reports disappointment spreading to the inhabitants.

Amazon unpacked -

Walk through a 24-kilometer warehouse on the day


In the huge Amazon warehouse for nine soccer courts, employees wearing hundreds of orange vests are moving while pushing the trolleys based on the instruction given by the mobile terminal. It seems that the distance they walk may be 15 miles per day (about 24 km).

The work situation is monitored by the mobile terminal

ByMohammed Nairooz

Employees carry small computers, and on the screen they are showing in real time whether the work is proceeding or lagging behind the expected efficiency. Also, their managers can send text messages to those devices to encourage speedup.

30 minutes for lunch break


Workers working in Amazon warehouses are working on an 8 hour shift and are given a 30 minute lunch break. You can go to the cafeteria at the break, but in doing so you have to walk through a detector like the airport security check to prove that you are not stealing the item.

Your feet get blisters

ByDaniel Morris

Safety shoes provided by Amazon to employees sometimes did not fit in size, which means that blisters could be made on the feet. One of the managers conditioned on anonymity "Since I knew that the safety shoes paid would damage my legs, please apply petrolatum (slip well and prevent blisters) on the feet every time a new guy enters. He wears socks and boots, "he says.

Sometimes it is fired off quickly


Amazon has a rule of "release with 3 strikes" (dismissal), and when it is not long before the logistics center was established there are only three explanations and warnings that violate the workplace rule three times, that is, 3 strike It was said that employees were frequently dismissed. Mr. Chris Martin, who used to work here, said he was dismissed after a day off with a blister on his feet.

So there seems to be no doubt that Amazon is making extraordinary efforts to improve the efficiency of warehouse management, but its shadow is that there are people engaged in labor in harsh environments It seems.

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