Movie demonstrating "Trash can enter arbitrarily" at the Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival

By installing a sensor on the wall, gadgets saying that the garbage box predicts the falling point and runs to pick up when throwing out garbage is "Trash can enter arbitrarily".Also taken up at World Business SatelliteHowever, at the 16th Annual Media Arts Festival of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, I received the Excellence Award from Entertainment Division, and I can actually experience the place where "garbage box that enters arbitrarily" picks up garbage at the venue.

Mr. Minoru Kurata who is preparing for demonstration.

This is the movie.

"Trash box entering arbitrarily" demonstration movie - YouTube

A trash box predicts with the sensor (Kinect) on the wall surface where falling point of paper waste thrown and it runs, runs and catches. According to Mr. Minoru Kurata who produced it, machine power is needed to calculate the falling point, so it will be better to do it on the desktop PC than the notebook PC. In the venue, we demonstrated using a notebook PC, so there were cases in which I missed the falling point. The reason for the award is "It is interesting that there are times when garbage enters if there is a case, and the garbage box itself that moves toward the falling point is entertainment" and it is evaluated including this point It is.

The background to production and the state of being actually made up and working on tests are included in the following movies.

Smart Trashbox made on your own Trashbox - YouTube

I decided to make myself because I want a garbage box that will pick you up when I throw the garbage.

Create a unit with CAD ......

Actually process parts.

The finished parts look like this.

I also designed the foundation by myself.

I actually tried raising the unit and tested whether it would move or not.

Finally, install it in the trash box ......

Completion He grabbed a thrown ball and stuffed animal brilliantly.

A demonstration at the Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival will be held from 14:00 to 17:00 on February 16, 17 and 23. Also, on February 24, Mr. Kurata will appear at the International Design and Liaison Center on the 5th floor of the Tokyo Midtown Mid Tower, where a winner presentation "Media Becomes Software" will be held.

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