Alarm clock that flies fleeing

The other dayAlarm clock that runs and runs awayI took up the thing called, but this time it seems to be an alarm clock that fly and run around in the sky.

Just by imagining how to fly around the room while sounding an alarm from morning, I would like to beat off.

Details are as follows.
Ena macana(Click "CONTEST")

This alarm clock is called "blowfly" which was exhibited in the international design contest in Taiwan in 2005, and it seems that it was the third place. Unfortunately it is a conceptual model, so it is not commercialized, but once you ring it it is hard to stop it.

When time comes, it seems to start flying away from the foundation.

Looking down from above, the propeller looks like this. It looks like Bamboo dragonfly.

I think that it is likely to set the time ....

It may be scary if the battery runs out during the flight and it crashes on the face.

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