"Gachapin skeletal figure final version" finally appeared, in a skeleton with a hybrid feature of Kenko dragon and armor dragon

"In the case of dinosaurs, the pelvis has a solid basket structure with ribs. In short there is no lumbar spine. However, considering the flexible exercise capacity of Gachapin, you need a waist that you can move freely. So I assumed the presence of the lumbar spine. There is a high possibility that the diaphragm does not existIt is calledAuthor himselfAs you can see from the tweet, even if it is a fictitious thing I tried drawing with the restoration of paleontologyGachapin skeleton diagramFinally it became final version.

This is the final version

In the first place, why did this happen?

"Gachapin Genesis"Stuffed in the middle of evolution in the series.

And skeleton diagram, in fact, on January 27, 2013Gachapin diary"Yes, I am a dinosaur, I am thinking that it is a member of Stegosaurus.It is similar to the figure that I seem to have such a bone when I do an X - ray examination."

However, for this skeleton diagram "My skull is too mammalian"I want to see more dinosaur-like gachapin's bones", And"Let's draw it"The skeleton diagram that is too shocking too much that was uploaded by haste in about 50 minutes from the tweet.

Furthermore, the following brush-up is shown in the figure below, "The upper temporal window was shifted backward and the joint of the lower jaw was reconsidered.The articulation part of the cervical spine and skull was clear from the side view. Therefore, the spine will draw an S-shaped curve like a human being, reducing the phalanges and retracting the distal phalanx "Because the space of the brain was also great, it is not surprising even if there is high intelligence"Bone at the eyelid position is a trait commonly seen in armor dragons. Below that the upper part of the scleral ring is hiddenThat thing.

And in the final version "The position of the occipital hole was shifted forward, making it easy to support a large skull. If it is about the same brain as a human being, it can be thought that considerable weight saving is possible by making the interior into a honeycomb shape. It was a skeleton with a hybrid character of Kenko dragon and armor dragonThat's why a very authentic one was completed.

"Add skeletal diagram from diagonally forward, which is the end of this," which is a genuine final.

It is the author who drew this figureTakashi OdaMr. Official Website will be below.


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