Free downloadable & alphabetical fonts popular with designers

When designing something, such as web design, poster, free paper, etc., it is unsatisfactory with a font which is too simple, but even if there is too much impact, it will not match the whole design! Often you will fall into the situation. It works well if used well, but it is difficult to find sophisticated design fonts ... so that you can make free fonts popular with designersSmashing HubIs gathered.

Top 50 Sources for Designers to Download Free Fonts

◆ 01:Source Code Pro | Free software downloads at

Source Code ProSource Sans ProFollowing Adobe's second open source font.

◆ 02:Acorn Typeface on Behance

Eggy form.

◆ 03:Archive Free Font | Fontfabric ™

Sans serif body whose corners have become round.

◆ 04:Source Sans Pro: Adobe's first open source type family «Typblography

The first version of Adobe's open source font. It seems that 62,850 downloads were made.

◆ 05:Accent ™ (Free) Display Typeface on Behance

Delicate design font.


It is like this when actually used in photo collection. Characters of O and S have features.

◆ 07:Free Font Chunk Five by The League of Moveable Type | Font Squirrel

Retro atmosphere.

◆ 08:Forum on Behance

Delicate design that seems to be used as a cover for books.

◆ 09:Nomed Font on Typography Served

Using a geometric pattern I feel like a wedge character.

◆ 10:FatFrank Free Font - Updated on Behance

A round and powerful font that suits the poster.

◆ 11:NOUGATINE free font on Behance

This is also quite unique design.

◆ 12:Free Font Ostrich Sans by Tyler Finck | Font Squirrel

Simple font.

◆ 13:Valentina Typeface - Pedro Arilla

The strange shape that droplets are hanging is due to the incorporation of the taste of letters used in Spain.

When c and k line up, it looks like this.

◆ 14:CODE Pro | Fontfabric ™

Because it is a simple design, I do not choose a graphic to be combined.

◆ 15:Lost Type Co-op | Habana

"Habana" inspired by Havana, the capital of Cuba

◆ 16:Jura typeface | Ten by twenty

A slightly rounded serif font.

◆ 17:Henry - Webfont & amp; Desktop font «MyFonts

He said that he imaged a font that is used for old advertisements.

The font looks like this.

It is possible to see samples even with GIF animation.

◆ 18:Tikal Sans - Webfont & amp; Desktop font «MyFonts

"Tikal Sans" that gained inspiration from signs of Maya civilization

◆ 19:Lost Type Co-op | Homestead

Slavus serif body with country impression.

◆ 20:Johanna Free Font on Behance

A fairly unique design font.

◆ 21:Mood Type - Free Font on Behance

A font of pop atmosphere that was used in the 70's.

◆ 22:Silverfake free font | Fontfabric ™

A serif body characterized by the shape of A.

◆ 23:Typometry Free Font on Behance

I use various stripes.

◆ 24:Lost Type Co-op | Carton

I'm comfortable with a retro poster.

◆ 25:Lost Type Co-op | Haymaker

A design like a thorn grows from the middle. Overall it is a bit angular.

◆ 26:Google Web Fonts Josefin Sans

Google Web Fonts that combines legibility and beauty.

◆ 27:Nevis typeface | Ten by twenty

Clear silhouette sans serif font seems to be used for parts where clarity is important, such as buttons.

◆ 28:PLSTK - Free Font on Behance

Design like combining several parts.

◆ 29:400 ml Type Free Font on Behance

H, B, R are quite distinctive.

◆ 30:Cubic Sans | To Type Away

A font as if you made a stack of blocks.

◆ 31:Lost Type Co-op | Geared

Impacted font design with changes in serif parts.

◆ 32:Geogram typeface - free font on Behance

It is a design incorporating triangles and polygons.

◆ 33:Manteka on Behance

Sans serif font which also corresponds to Spanish.

◆ 34:Lost Type Co-op | Mission_script

Rounded cursive writing.

◆ 35:Lost Type Co-op | Blanch

A fancy vertical font.

◆ 36:Miso ™ - Webfont & amp; Desktop font «MyFonts

There are three kinds of fonts named MISO according to the thickness of the line.

◆ 37:Weston free font | Fontfabric ™

Various sets of slab serifs that can be detailed.

◆ 38:Barkentina Typeface and Free Font on Behance

Feeling a little feminine.

◆ 39:Oranienbaum free font on Behance

"Oranienbaum" of modern design. Oranienbaum is the old name of a Russian city derived from German meaning "orange tree".

◆ 40:Benthem Free Typeface on Behance

To the poster it was impressive.

There are also striped ones.

◆ 41:Bariol

Curved sans serif font.

♦ 42:RBNo 2 free font | Fontfabric ™

It was made by imagining fonts used in advertisements in the 19th century.

◆ 43:Lost Type Co-op | dude

Cowboy-like atmosphere.

◆ 44:Locksmith Display on Typography Served

Delicate white font.

◆ 45:✐ Practice Foundry-Fabrica

Simple and rustic design by saying fonts like screen curtains on screen.

◆ 46:A history and some revival fonts < The Fell Types

It is a pretty classical atmosphere.

◆ 47:Infinity on Behance

Simple fonts cut away extra things.

◆ 48:Open Baskerville

Smooth silhouette.

◆ 49:Rex Free Font | Fontfabric ™

A bold design font with a line in the middle.

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