I actually tried out a "credit report" that you can see at a glance how financial institutions are evaluating themselves

You can display your own credit information at a glance using graphs as "Credit report"is. Financial institutions refer to credit information agencies and conduct screening when applying for housing loans, but the evaluation method is a very complicated mechanism, and it is generally difficult to read and understand evaluation in general . However, the credit report has processed and analyzed the analysis results similar to the financial institution's review in an easy-to-understand manner, and it is easy to understand how the financial institution evaluates himself, I tried to see what the credit information of.

Credit report showing personal credit information in 10 minutes: My credit Individual credit information can be found in 10 minutes Credit report: My credit

Purchasing procedure of credit report is done from orange button on top page.

First of all, you need to obtain a reception number by telephone at the time of the procedure, so prepare a phone with the telephone number stated in the application form on the credit card.

Credit reports are available for the following companies. In addition to not being able to use American Express, attention is necessary because there is a case that it can not be used in the case of a partner card even if the display logo is the same.

So I will start applying.

First, fill out the form such as name, credit card number, address etc on the form. At this time, you need to make a phone call using the telephone number stated on the credit card application form and fill in the receipt number obtained according to the information. Also, if you enter the phone number you used in the past, you may be able to obtain more accurate credit information, but this is optional. When you finish filling in, click "Next".

Then create an account.

Register the mail address and set the password.

When you purchase a credit card report, two types of myCredit credit report preparation fee (1250 yen) and personal credit information data disclosure fee (1000 yen) are listed on the invoice.

Credit reporting fee will be paid via PayPal. Even if you do not have a PayPal account you can use a debit / credit card.

When payment is completed, click "Return to My Credit Co., Ltd.".

The application is complete. Work will be completed in about 10 minutes or so.

17 minutes after completing the work, we received notification that the report was ready for the registered e-mail address. Click on the address listed.

Login using the registered address.

The icon of the dashboard of the day on which the report was created is displayed.

Actual My Report is like this. The credit score is evaluated at 300 to 850 points based on the four pieces of information, "repayment history", "contract account balance", "contract account holding history", and "inquiry history", and the higher the point, the higher the credit score is from the borrowing from the financial institution It will be advantageous. The score of the credit card used this time is 763 points, and it is the level given the evaluation of "excellent" in the financial institution.

Details are displayed in a pie chart. This credit card has 5 contract accounts and the usage balance is 68,000 yen. The overdue amount is 0.

In the score diagnosis, factors that have a bad influence on the score, factors that have a good influence, etc. are analyzed. As the age got higher and the transaction with the financial institution got better as the transaction got longer, the credit card with a shorter period of opening the account had a bad influence on the score. However, there is registration of credit information for 5 years or more · There is no history of deferred transaction · There are factors such as registration of multiple credit contracts have a positive influence on the score, so this time it is as high as 763 It seems that it became evaluation.

Looking at the population ratio of the credit score, 763 points corresponded to 750 to 799 points, with the largest population ratio score.

You can also view the contract account list.

By clicking each contract account, you can see details of the report content for each account. It is being repaid properly every month.

In the inquiry history list, you can see the records inquired by financial institutions and credit companies. American Express International is investigating on September 15th and December 16th 2012, but since it has not made a new application, this seems to be a regular confirmation of credit information. In addition, if there is history which I do not recognize here, it is likely that it may be counterfeited or theft of ID, so I recommend you to contact the relevant company and confirm it.

Credit information can be browsed by requesting disclosure to the credit information agency, but the credit report shows information by using graphs in an easy-to-understand manner, and when you apply for a mortgage or do not go through the card review, Can check if it is a problem. Also it is very convenient to find card fraud by identity counterfeit.

Please note that applications for credit reports are from 9 am to 8 pm on weekdays, so you can not apply for other time zones, so be careful.

· 2013/02/01 17:33 Addendum

Two days after applying the credit report, this kind of postcard arrived from the CIC of the credit information agency.

It was written that the use of the Internet disclosure was successfully completed for the spread.

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