Accessory brand "Food Jewelry" using miniatures such as candy, cake, and macaron

Accessories brands made with miniature sweets such as macaroons and strawberries lots of cakes, candies, etc "Tiny Hands". Clay clay called polymer clay is used, both products are handmade.

Food Jewelry: Handmade Jewelry For Girls: Cute Food Jewelry: Scented Jewelry - Tiny Hands Handmade, Cute and Scented Food Jewelry

◆ 01:Scented Whipped Cream Strawberry Shortcake Necklace
Even this is a necklace of cake with cream and strawberry so delicately. $ 28 (about 2400 yen)

◆ 02:Scented Pancake Ring
Ring of pancakes with plenty of maple syrup. $ 28 (about 2400 yen)

◆ 03:Scented Raspberry French Macaron Necklace
Macaron necklace with berry and cream in between. $ 28 (about 2400 yen)

◆ 04:Scented Strawberry Sprinkles Donut Ring
The strawberry donut is a ring. $ 28 (about 2400 yen)

◆ 05:Scented Strawberry Shortcake Necklace
Strawberry shortcake where many strawberries were decorated. $ 28 (about 2400 yen)

◆ 06:Watermelon Scented Bubble "Boba" ?? Tea Charm
Juice with tapioca is a charm that can be used for pendant tops and straps. $ 25 (about 2200 yen)

◆ 07:Scented Chocolate Chip Cookie Bookmark
There is also a bookmark. Here is the one with chocolate chip cookie attached. 23 dollars (about 2000 yen)

◆ 08:Scented Vanilla Ice-Cream Bookmark
The whole bookmark is like this. Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. $ 28 (about 2400 yen)

◆ 09:Scented Charming Candies Bracelet
Bracelet with lots of sweets, such as donuts and candy · cupcakes. $ 135 (about 12,000 yen)

Sweets are printed with miniatures of sweets and illustrations of sweets.

◆ 10:Cupcake Bracelet
For bracelets also made with beads and cupcakes together. $ 50 (about 4300 yen)

◆ 11:Scented Snow Cone Necklace
Colorful corn ice necklace. $ 28 (about 2400 yen)

◆ 12:Scented Strawberry Sprinkles Cupcake Necklace
Strawberry cupcakes decorated with plenty of marble chocolate. $ 38 (about 3300 yen)

◆ 13:Scented Cherry Chocolate Truffle Charm
Chocolate flavored with chocolate. This is a charm. $ 20 (about 1700 yen)

◆ 14:Scented Candy Cane Earrings
Candy shaped earrings likely to be decorated for Christmas. $ 32 (about 2800 yen)

◆ 15:Custom Scented Fruit on Waffle Necklace
Waffles with fruit are in necklaces. $ 28 (about 2400 yen)

◆ 16:Scented Shortcake Heart Cookie Phonestrap
There is also a portable strap. This is cookie with heart pattern. 23 dollars (about 2000 yen)

◆ 17:Tropical Fruit Sundae Phonestrap
Illustrated resin processed instead of miniature. Fruit Sunday is $ 12 (about 1000 yen)

◆ 18:Bubblegum Scented Lollipop Necklace
Colorful licking candy. $ 21 (about 1800 yen)

◆ 19:Scented Pumpkin Pie Ring
Pumpkin · pie rings with whipped cream. 23 dollars (about 2000 yen)

◆ 20:Maple Syrup Scented Corn Dog Earrings
There was also a piercing Frankfurt which is a maple syrup. $ 45 (about 3900 yen)

Both accessoriesActual purchase possibleHowever, because it is all handmade, it takes 3 to 5 business days for orders from the US and 1 to 8 weeks for other countries for the arrival of goods. Also, depending on the shipping method, the shipping fee for ordering from outside the United States is from 4.5 dollars (about 400 yen).

In addition, if you send a message saying "Please use this food as an accessory!" And a photo by e-mail, you can also customize it.

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