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Movie whose first director is Mr. Murakami famous as an artist "Brown furryThe trailer of "Hello! According to Mr. Takashi Murakami, "A world of special effects such as Godzilla, Ultraman, etc. I was absorbed when I was a child, and even when I became an adult," Star Wars ", Spielberg, Hayao Miyazaki etc. did not get cold, It is a new science fiction fantasy that made up the elements of Japan and the chaos of Japan now. " The hero is an elementary school student Masashi (Masashi). I found a mysterious creature that was in the cardboard in a newly moved house and named it "Kurasebou", and when I took it to the school, other students also can not see adults strange creatures "Furinto "I was talking - it is a story. In addition to the director Mr. Murakami also works on original drafts and character designs. The theme song of the movie is in charge of solo project livetune kz, and Hatsune Miku sings.

The trailer is like this, and the movie has become a nationwide sequential road show from TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills on 26 April 2013 (Friday).

Takaaki Murakami Director Film "Mezime Grill" Trailer - YouTube

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

I went to Mexico immediately because it means "There is a maid cafe" - GIGAZINE

When searching for "let it snow" on Google, the snow starts getting steadily - GIGAZINE

Official English dubbed version "Magical Girl Madoka Magica" Trailer Movie Appearance - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
Lifted person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: 【With image】 iPhone crooked wwwwwwww - Livedoor blog

【2ch】 New speed quality: Udon industry No. 1 "Marugame noodle" Official application The function to "virtual order" to Moe girls is popular ('· ω · `)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: a ​​journey that gradually becomes a paisley pattern

This morning 'It's good that the sick sick was successful as saying' Heat is 39 degrees, I will be absent (company) '- Yahoo! Chiebukuro

[Image] Ishihisa Anpanman wrote wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww: Kini speed

Truly modern. Left: House of Representatives election in 2009 Right: Lower House election on 2012 ... on Twitpic

Summarizing the explanations of teachers at various places that were made inspired by the previous image, it seems that the graduation thesis of the students in the past 1 or 2 years is like this ... on Twitpic

Lifted person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: 【With image】 Third impact seems to happen on the back lying of Ji-chan's house - Livedoor blog

I want to read it again Tweet 2012 - Togetter

Professor Moriguchi DJ iPS Appearance Edition - YouTube

Beard pirates: The method of illegal dumping measures in Osaka

Gachapin Challenge "Figure Skating" - YouTube

Notice of Animal Crossing Data Center Tour # # Animal Crossing Data Center Plan | P2P today Double Slash

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Why is Rudolph's nose red? European research team clarifies international news: AFPBB News

Asahi Shimbun Digital: North Korean satellite "almost dead" US researchers report - International

[Viewed] memo of earth dramatic "Pedahan man who manipulates mysterious language"

Studying economics makes it easier to tell a lie - himaginary's diary

Asahi Shimbun Digital: Moon · The gravity of the sun, influence the earthquake · possibility of 'induce at the end' - science

Ancient Egyptian killing, science and technology 3000 year mysterious international news: AFPBB News

Book that understands the fundamentals of chemistry to learn "everyday" in an interesting way |

Asahi Shimbun Digital: unpublished IPCC report leakage "sea level rise up to 82 cm" - science

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
NHK News reading the House of Representatives election in "big data"

Defeated minister "decided to dissolve in a selfish manner" NHK News

12 Kanagawa House of Representatives election: Kanagawa 15 ward, Mr. Kono is the nation's "heaviest vote" / Kanagawa: Local news: News: Canarok - Kanagawa Shimbun

A bit news [Breaking news] CIA of the United States "The right turning of Japan is like the extreme left and the left pro citizen, the 9 amendment is the hope of Asia"

Ishin, Mr. Matsui, thank you with Twitter? Election conflict also: News: House of Representatives 2012: House of Representatives election: Election: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

I won the slide in 480 seats ... Evaota Attorney - Sponichi Annex Society

Asahi Newspaper Digital: Mr. Hashimoto, That's what it's like to do - News

"Besides, Mr. Hashigashita, I divided it with my hair Pisic, I thought whether Ogasawara was a sharp-cut Ogasawara player who moved from Nippon Ham to a giant, and boldly, Toru Hashiguchi Jiro Ishihara's Mr. Ishihara Mr. Ishihara who served as a member of the Diet for many years and also did the Governor of the Governor, who is a member of the Diet, for the time being, from the viewpoint of Osaka I do not want to see Toru Hashimoto who is going to be in Tokyo or Tokyo, I felt the sense of Osaka people, I thought that it was such a feeling Osaka gave me the seventh hit with a giant who was doing Bali Bali in Hanshin. I partnered with Mr. Ishihara and I did not get any good aspects of Mr. Hashimoto's san "

Business Media Makoto: Junko Kubota 's current affairs Japanese idea: "Abe Shinzo Bashing" of the mass media that starts again, why? (1/3)

China "Eschatology Dema" Spreading Warning Strengthening NHK News

Pana, development of plasma panel finished Toward Specialization in Organic EL - MSN Sankei News

French actor Do Puldue criticized the immigration to avoid tax declaration "returning a passport of France" international news: AFPBB News

President Francois Hollande 's Socialist Party government announced a policy to impose a 75% income tax on people over 1 million euros a year (about 110 million yen). In response to this, part of French wealthy settlers moved to Belgium and Mr. Depardieu who managed three restaurants in the wine fields and Paris (Paris) also joined this movement.

Current affairs dot com: violation of election, simultaneous cautionary launch = National Police Agency 【12 lower house election】

Publication Takeda Random House Bankruptcy Liability 930 million yen - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

Asahi Shimbun Digital: Although the voting rate is lowest ... invalidity vote in the constituency "the highest ever" - politics

Corporate brand power, NTT world 14th Executive surprise above Toyota - SankeiBiz (Sankei Biz)

Tattoo: Undergraduates arrested 2 girls due to injuries on classmates' boys Kyoto - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

Kawai Shokai of "N gauge" decides self-bankruptcy - MSN Sankei News

CNN.co.jp: Daniel Inouye will serve as a US Senator for half a century

Ukrainian judge family murdered, 4 people found in neckless bodies | World | Reuters

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Massacre was changed looking ... To strengthen gun regulation U.S. member turning one after another: International: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Overseas economists, expectations for the LDP's low expectation that land subsidence of the Japanese economy will continue | Reuters

Prime Minister "It made you annoyed" and Chen Xiao ... 8 Cabinet meeting of the lack of cabinet minister: News: House of Representatives 2012: House of Representatives election: Election: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Asahi "Democratic Party Gamba Maji I will do my best with all my strength and now I can endure and endure, for the time to return to power"

Panasonic Comment on Discontinuation of Plasma Panel Development - Phile-web

Apps, actions and conversation grasping to female smartphones ... Document delivery: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Ogawa Ryokan is a stormy rising female general Ogawa Kyoko | Otsuchi Mirai Newspaper

Kanagawa prefecture is the longest commuting time, the shortest sleep: News: Job Search: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Drop the coloring of the enamel pot:

'Black company' kills young people in Japan: Nikkei Business Online

A horror of atypicalness - a diary of NATROM

Certainly, even if a healthy child has mumps (mumps), in most cases it will cure without aftereffects. In rare cases, however, there are cases in which aftereffects remain or are died. Rarely, serious side effects due to vaccines are rare. Especially serious things such as death are rare enough to distinguish whether there is a causal relationship with the vaccine or a coincidence. Healthy children are much more rare than deaths due to vaccine preventable diseases. So vaccines are recommended. The necessity of a vaccine should be judged in consideration of merit and demerit.

Japan is working mothers cold treatment OECD report - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

Two-year talk overturned by stalker: Kini speed

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Failure to open old JPEG Encoded EPS data with Photoshop CS 6 (13.1) · Even 13.0.2. Both Mac / Win | widow

Amebro entertainer 's peniok stema suspicious mystery. Fueled fuel under the name of Zichan | More Access, More Fun!

News - Instagram changes privacy policy and terms of use, Facebook and information sharing: ITpro

Unsimple diverted to advertisement by Instagram Terms? What is going on? | A! @attrip

"WordPress is a good tool, is not it?" Six · Apart Seki talks about Movable Type who is now 11 years old | Web personnel Forum

Release of electronic notes | News release: Sharp


New function from Ver 2.0! In the remote control operation menu such as "Stop playing" and "Key change" which were many requests, "Application for checking booking" can be made even with the application ♪ ♪
※ It can be used only with JOYSOUND f1 / fR. Crosso will also respond quickly.

News - IP address of DNS "D-root" server changed, company side server also needs updating: ITpro

IPhone to Owakon. Real time synchronization such as Gmail can not be done - Golden Times

"The name of Windows RT is misleading" - Dell executive, warning MS Ballmer - CNET Japan

Fuji TV Tokimeki! "Stema" was featured, and the audience's emotion is also one thing - Togetter

Reason why Google helped the iPhone «WIRED.jp

Google Maps is a great place to sell advertisements. In Maps, it is possible to grasp not only the current location of the user but also the data of the "intention" of the user that the advertisement company desires, such as the destination and the type of shop being searched for. Currently there are no advertisements for iOS version of Maps, but the Android version comes with advertisements, and even iOS version may be attached in the future.

Yodobashi.com - Limited reservation sale for 2013 year old magazine box

Google Japan Blog: Transit search conveniently at any time on Google search

DoCoMo "Since we confirmed the problem with Osaifu-Keitai of Xperia AX, tried three kinds of holding methods several times" ... The reaction of the user is │ Nastrographic Breaking News

Nationwide blockade by the state is justified - ITR reform, 55 countries refused to sign such as Japan - INTERNET Watch

New store online shop "BASE" rapid expansion Anyone will be shopkeepers: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

"Now, honestly, I do not have as much as 1 yen. As the number of users increases, as the investment in the system increases, the situation is going to be disagreeable. Eventually, as the total amount of distribution increases, the commission paid to the payment agent also goes down, so that floating I would like to set aside a revenue source.I think about introducing pay features for stores, etc. First of all it is the first decision to increase store and user, I will stay as it is half year, one year. "

BASE blog - Became a BASE corporation.

Until now, BASE was a project of Liverty, but in order to provide better services to customers in the future, we graduate from the form of a project so that more people can use BASE, and the representative director Yuta Tsuruoka, co-founder / director Kazuma Family, Matsuyama Taro and Kamiya Antonio took office as director, will be BASE Corporation.

【We will let you in】 We have obstructed Hatena's Tokyo office! : Zero start public relations blog

Komi Yamamoto's "If You See It!": Since it's the 84V type, what you can see is the pride of a domestic TV that I felt at Sony's 4K TV "KD-84X9000" (1/2) - ITmedia LifeStyle

It seems that "Anonymizing Committee" has been locked on by Mr. Hiroki Takagi - Togetter

Personal computer workshop Akihabara main store closed in January, face is also temporarily closed

W3C completed HTML5 specification formulation, as a recommendation candidate. Draft of HTML 5.1 also announced - Publickey

Shumpei Shiraishi's Weblog: HTML5 finally becomes a recommendation candidate! And what it means

W3C announces completion of HTML5 specification formulation, interoperability test and performance improvement

The Future of the World's Largest EMS Foxcon When Employees Dream of Living Outside the Plant's Gate

Geek's page: 70% royalty possible in Kindle even in Japan

It is better to whisper "real" person and tweet that that person is not speaking "~ Bot" better - voice practice

Google Japan Blog: About the Google Library Project

Apart from this, Google will provide a mechanism to sell e-books on Google Play using scanned digital data only at the request of the copyright owner.

On the other hand, Nippon Penn club and Google promised not to fight with the legal means in the future in connection with the library project, and in the case where the members of the Japanese pen club question the agreement of the two decided this time We will try to ask members to understand.

Mr. Hiroaki Wagaya "When Shinzo Abe became Prime Minister, will you become the first person to do the Prime Minister twice? It looks like the Emperor of the Nara era" @ hirougaya - Togetter

Make MySQL a large scale with its own tool - YouTube | Database | Topics | Computerworld - Enterprise IT comprehensive news site

Engineers of the video sharing site "YouTube" provided by Google in the US develops and uses software groups that make the "MySQL" database operate more efficiently in a large-scale production environment (production environment). That software group written based on Google's development language "Go" is called "Vitess".

Gunosy became a company. - Gunosy blog

Survey report: Self-standing self-defense officer who threatens and embarrasses the witness to overturn adversary testimonials Shinya Shinoyama's author's work by Ranobet | Matsushita Hibiki's Ten-ring Return

I can understand Nico Nico video now! "Trend tag" - Nico Nico Info

Obvious. How to write a blog article to be read

IIJ, "IIJmio high-speed mobile / D service" starts offering nanoSIM for LTE | 2012 | IIJ

Troubleshooting »IIJmio High-Speed ​​Mobile / D nanoSIM Support, iPhone / iPad Operating Status

Well, there is no choice but to get down to business. Only the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini use the nanoSIM card at the release timing of this article. The operation status on these models is also written on the terminals that have been tested for operation, but I will try to inform you of the situation in a bit more detail in this article.

Windows 8 realized liquid crystal arm, "deformable working environment"

Publish community service application "LINE cafe" connected with the same hobby · interest: LINE official blog

Interpol and NEC partnote with cyber security measures (December 18, 2012): Press Release | NEC

Image editing: This is different - Comparing viewers of major electronic bookstores with Nexus 7 (1/3) - ITmedia eBook USER

Book worm: Wikipedia is migrating from MySQL to MariaDB

MariaDB maintains compatibility with MySQL, and it seems that the goal is to keep moving as it is.

The reason that Wikipedia moves from MySQL to MariaDB is that performance is not a primary objective, but it seems that there is an intention to promote free software and community, the MariaDB foundation.

How can families who are not knowledgeable about IT understand about malware? | Slashdot Japan Security

What to do when you find a bug in your browser - Please Sleep

Sharp entrusted to AQUOS PHONE ZETA "The future of usable smart" | APUI

The real reason why Okinawa College of Technology became strong in the IT contest - Please do not fuck Professor M

The strength of Okinawa National College this year can be analyzed as follows.

· Organized initiatives with continuity as department activities
· Strength of unite force centering on Yoko
· Influence of psychic charisma, leadership and presentation skills of the second grade student major
· Determination of development system and policy by Nikkan's dictatorship
· Okinawa National College 4th Kingdom Dynasty, Kuma, Masuru, gy, Nya's development power
· Team formation to make experience by putting 1st and 2nd graders into the development team without senior students only
· The ICT Committee is a DNA that teacher teaches juniors caused by starting from a study group
· The height of consciousness that you want to do again with fun things rather than not wanting to hurt desma

I tried full text search with Kindle Paperwhite | available balance is still zero today

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)

It is "BLACK LAGOON" which has been closed for a long time,
The series will resume from Sunday GX in January or February.

I do not have a regular condition yet, I am overworked, I resume cheating.
I drive while paying attention to stopping the engine with a ponkuts car,
It is such feeling. Still it would be nice to continue ... and.

We spent a lot of time.
There were various things.
Still, still, thanks to appreciation, appreciation and reward for those who have been waiting for expectation.

Although it is blank for three years, I'm happy if I can support you again.

It is a picture drawn last year though being a birthday of Nomiaki, but it will be delayed up. ... on Twitpic

Gather at December 21st (Friday) 2012! "PSYCHO-PASS psychopath" All-in-one-year investigation Campaign to eliminate latent crime! | TV anime "PSYCHO-PASS Psychopath"

Anime "Gashi!" Early decision of the second series! It is! | News & Media Introduction

COMIC CITY Osaka 92 Holding information January 6 "Keiko's Basketball" circle participation in "Comic City Osaka 92" Participation and Distribution self-restraint

Due to the strong request from INTEX Osaka, the venue, "Kuroko's Basketball" circle, we decided to wait for circle participation in "Comic City Osaka 92" held on January 6.
In addition, we ask all participating circles to understand and cooperate so as not to distribute "Kuroko's Basketball" related work.
We will inform you of such unfortunate results, for everyone of the general participants, who are looking forward to the work, including the members of the "Kuroko no Bashke" circle, and all the stakeholders, I sincerely apologize from you.

Announcement of free delivery of new sensory novel "Onaho Man" in social era - Neo Poyo

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
【Official】 New Moon 9 "Bibari Kaido Doto incident handbook" New program preview - YouTube

The Brazilian Football International Students' Disappearance Disappeared in the Last Era | Hiroshi Kamanuma In the Era of Sociology in the Darkness "In A Better Thing" is Bleached | Diamond Online

Sakai Noriko "For the returning stage ..." in Roppongi "Night marketing activities": Demon Blog. -beelzeboul-

The death announcement Kunio Yonaga Eiya Kiyoshi | Information | News · Event information: Japan Shogi League

Kunio Yoneda died: Acting extensively outside the "Will" blog on the blog - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

Achievement left by Mr. Kunio Yonedo, president of the Japan Shogi Federation, Tsubasa (Tasuki) - Togetter

Kobayashi Kamui Wei to Fans «Kobayashi Kamui Kobayashi Official Site

Nippon Racing Racing Driver Retreats from the Front Line of Competition Kazuki Nakajima: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Jackie Chan, finally entered "EXPENDABLES"! The person himself declared - Cinema Today

Company's side, the way to win a good customer. A touching night that I experienced with QVC marine. (1/3) - Number Web: Number

Until my high school student, it was such a feeling. | Life Hack Channel 2

Domestica board summary blog: 【small neta】 Emperor 's quarterfinals are the third Osaka derby this year

Domestica board summary blog: Former Hiroshima's Motoita Takehiro (now Kofu) who came to see the Hiroshima championship parade

Anything stadium @ N J summary: Players who are likely to be forgiven even if they exceed the mystery power (55)

Summary, huha! : Hanshin Hikiyama Demonic Growth! I am lukewarm

35: Wind blowing if nothing 2012/12/18 (Tue) 12: 39: 31.72 ID: NSunmx 1 n
When Hinokan retires, I will feel like a pet who died from the time I was born is dead so I can not beat so much

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
A delicious encounter with cheese taste and hot chili taste ♪ "Ottuma Mix Columnoch Cheese taste Hail all entrance" New products from Otsuma Mix Columnocho appeared! It is!

Melt it in just 2 seconds! Caffe latte taste appeared from purines pursuing "goodness of crush" and "rich taste"! "Two-second gathering cream coffee latte" New release on January 22, 2013 (Tue)!

New taste appeared in Lipton paper pack 500 ml series! "Lipton Muscat Tea" announces new release on a limited time from Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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