The content and illustration of the patent that Sega complained about Level 5 "Inazuma Eleven" is like this

Soccer game "Inazuma Eleven"seriesInjunction sales and disposal of 8 works and compensation for damages of approximately 900 million yenAlthough Sega caused the lawsuit seeking such as Tokyo district court in Tokyo, it seems that it seems to have contents like the following though it seems to be concerned about what is the integrated SEGA patent.

Image processing apparatus and method thereof

The outline is as follows.

To control the movement of the character smoothly by simple operation.

When performing a one-pass from one character 50 to the other character 52, if a single or double touch operation is performed on the other character 52 on the touch panel 22 and then the character 50 is dragged and moved, the friend character After the ball moves to 52, the path automatically returns from the ally character 52 to the character 50.

In the figure attached below, you can see what kind of patent it is in general.

By the way,Sega was defeated in the winter comicThat's right.

2012/12/14 14:19 Addendum
According to the complaint, the following two patents are targeted, and the contents of it are almost like the figure shown above.

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