A server with 160 Mac mini thrusts in one rack is finally completed

Server products sold by Apple "Xserve"The development has been stopped already, the sale is over, overseas users who were looking for alternative products and looking for solutions have said" That's right! Ideally you can put 160 Mac mini in the rack! " The terrible photograph which it did is made public on the net.

Firstly from the consideration of whether rack mount is possible or not.

Let The Testing Begin | Steve's Blog


It seems like you can load 4 Mac mini like this

The following awesome image that I tried thrust into actually.

Racking it all up | Steve's Blog

However, the issue of waste heat occurred here, and I made my own door with a fan without hitting it. This confirms that the temperature actually drops.

It's Getting Hot In Here !! | Steve's Blog

And finally the brave appearance of a server that loaded 160 Mac mini in one rack is this.

In Production ... .. | Steve's Blog

If you have the will to do it, you can do anything.

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