Why are entrepreneurs unhappy? Four cases to prevent knocking at startup

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Startups that start from scratch with no ideas or my own method are very rewarding and there are many people who are interested. Although I hear brilliant success cases, startup companiesPolyvoreJess Lee, the founder and CEO of the company, thinks that "the founder of startup is unfortunate", what kind of things the misfortune is attributing, and not to lose to negative feelings I am summarizing what kind of things to do.

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The startup is really stressful, and many of the founder of the wonderful company Jess Lee knows are stressed and unhappy. Polyvore, Lee's entrepreneur, has done a wonderful job and is profitable enough. Nevertheless there seems to be a moment when she feels very miserable, she has built the theory that "Why startup is unfortunate?"

First, if the startup is successful, how it succeeds seems to rise sharply as follows.

The graph repeats up and down, so it can not be said that it is going up smoothly. Factors of this upward and downward change are seasonal increase and decrease of customer foot, temporary success, advertisement that is not good, employees quit, newly join, etc. But simply thinking, the founder should be happy if you can go enough from the A point to the B point on the graph. After all, B is at a higher position on the graph than A is.

But that is a mistake, she says. Unfortunately humans are not good at absolute evaluations, because they understand the most things by accelerating and decelerating and changing speed. For example, it is difficult to tell how far 300 miles per hour (about 480 km) or 500 miles per hour (about 800 km) is, but it is easy to explain what it means to be 300 miles per hour speed I can do it.

In other words, her theory that "the founder is miserable" is linked to "speed" where the success of the startup changes. In other words, the "graph of happiness" is derived from the change of "success graph" as follows.

From the point of view of success, point B on the success graph is twice as high as point A, and it looks twice as good. However, the point B is on the downhill slope on the graph, and growth has slowed down from that moment. Happiness is the greatest when growth is accelerating, and gradually decreases as you decelerate. Therefore, point B is at a high position in the success graph, but happiness is slight. And when growth stops, people can be said to be in the area of ​​misfortune.

From this it can be said that even if the startup grows upwards, the ups and downs can not escape as long as the company lasts and the unfortunate moment comes to the founders. So, if a moment of crawling on the bottom of the graph of happiness comes, Lee points out some points that will not let you suffer because of suffering.

◆ 01: Remember where we came from

Celebrate victory and remind our employees how far they have come. When Lee opened a Polyvore company's New York office, she was able to remember how employees worked in the living room of motorbike shops and staff houses at the time. By doing so, you can see great improvements from offices and furniture.

◆ 02: Great culture and wonderful people will be your help

People who got acquainted with work do not collapse when your startup company is slowing down. If you think that it is absurd, please follow the convention and enjoy the event you know people. Enjoy working with people.

◆ 03: Please do not decide your own value by startup

No matter how good or bad it is at Polyvore, Lee's friends always behave similarly to her and will stay in the ground so that it does not fly up. They become a safe net when a bad thing happens, and it seems to celebrate while teasing, when wonderful things happen.

◆ 04: Please go out and talk to other entrepreneurs
Lee is introverted, dislikes network with people, we are not good at parties, too. For the first 3 years of establishing Polyvore, she has always kept his head down, worked hard and rarely spoke to other entrepreneurs. From the point of view, it seems that this was the biggest mistake. Because I did not get any information from other entrepreneurs, information on her startupTechCrunchAlthough it was due to it, TechCrunch is filled with stories of entrepreneurs who succeeded overnight and positive talks overnight. Therefore, she felt all the problems that occurred at Polyvore as the end of the world. She began to liberate and become mentally very easy by having them talk with other entrepreneurs, by having them teach wisdom, encouragement, and solutions to the problem. If you are the same introverted type of Lee, it is recommended not to go to the startup event but to meet with other entrepreneurs on a 1 to 1 tea.

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