Verify whether the photograph that conveys the damage of the hurricane "Sandy" is genuine or fake

A large-scale hurricane "Sandy" that landed in New Jersey as a temperate low pressure on October 30 threw a large flood damage in New York and others, but which of the photos circulated as "Sandy's damage" at that time was genuine It is the Alexis C. Madrigal 's "Sorting the Real Sandy Photos From the Fakes"is.

Sorting the Real Sandy Photos From the Fakes - Alexis C. Madrigal - The Atlantic

Fake is classified roughly into three, one is that the photograph itself is genuine, but it was taken at the time of another natural disaster. The second one is a photographer who made a picture by processing with photoshop etc. And the third one combines the two. So judging whether Sandy 's photo is genuine or fake from the following.

· Authentic

◆ 01:Professional photographer who also offers photos to the Wall Street JournalKurt WilberdingPicture by. The pictures taken of this rainbowBesides, it is up to tumblr.

◆ 02:Broken roller coastersThe real thing. NBC's reporter Brian Thompson alsoFrom another angleI am taking photos.

◆ 03:It seems like a one-cut movie, but thisReutersPictures taken by.

It seems like a movie because it raises the contrast of the picture as in the example below.

Lowering the contrast will look something like this.

◆ 04:ABC NewsIt is what the report reported.

◆ 05:Located in BrooklynJane's CarouselThe real picture of the merry-go-round of the flood is also genuine. It is said that the designer Anna Dorfman took it just before evacuation.

Some were taken from another angle by Ana Adjelic living in the neighborhood. Also, since Jerek Jeff Howe, a friend of Alexis Madrigal who is doing this verification and a journalist was taking similar pictures, the picture was judged as genuine.

◆ 06:Movie shot of the same placeHas been uploaded to YouTube.

◆ 07:Photographs of sea water flowing into the construction site are also authentic.AP communication photographerIt is what I took.

◆ 08:The Port AuthorityThings uploaded to Twitter by.

◆ 09:Leonard · N · Stern · SchoolA piece taken by a student. Alexis Madrigal told me that the location where the picture was taken is very close to the East River and that the view that flooding at this level was happening is reasonable.

◆ 10:This is a journalist'sMeg RobertsonThings taken by.

◆ 11:Brooklyn'sOfficeYajournalistHas specifically conveyed the flood in this warehouse area, and the picture is considered to be genuine.

◆ 12:Pictures taken at Atlantic City. It was uploaded to Facebook by Philadelphia television station reporter · Dann Cuellar and it is thought that it was taken from the Flagship hotel.Dann CuellarIt is possible to see another picture taken from the same place from Ms. Twitter.

◆ 13:This is also a picture taken at Atlantic City.Bing MapYou can also locate fromPossible, And if this picture is a fake it is a creator with considerable CGI technology.

· Truth unknown

◆ 14:this isJet Blue AirlinesThose published on the blog of. It is uploaded to フ ェ イ ス ブ ッ ク by a person who seems to be a pilot, and there is a high possibility that it is a real photograph, but one point to worry about. JetBlue Air usually uses Gate B, but the one that is reflected in the picture is Gate C. In short, it means that pilots are taking pictures of gates that they do not normally use, and although it is a small point, it is a bit incomprehensible, so at this time it is said to be "unknown truth".

◆ 15:The picture that Brendan Cain took in Manhattan shows that the user named nanjapito uploaded the original picture to Instagram and that ninjapito took it in Brooklyn so it was taken in Manhattan There is a high possibility that there is not.


◆ 16:In December 2011CycloneWas taken when it hit the PhilippinesPhoto.

◆ 17:This is considered as one of the artist's works, it seems to have nothing to do with this hurricane.

◆ 18:This is because the heavy rain struck Duluth, Minnesota in June 2012, animals in the Lake Periols lakeI was swept away by the city.A picture of the time. This hurricane does not matter.

◆ 19:This is a Photoshop sticking a picture of a shark to the city affected by the flood. You can see how it looks with the following GIF image.

◆ 20:The original image of the shark isFlickerIt seems like it was taken in 2006.

It is like this when compared with the original photograph.

◆ 21:Photographer in 2009Brooke PenningtonPictures taken by.

◆ 22:It was taken in 2004SupercellA combination of the photos of the statue of Statue of Liberty. Boolean verificationSnopes.comIt was already done.

◆ 23:This is because when tornado took place in April 2011,Wall Street JournalPictures published by.

◆ 24:Although it is an actual picture, it was in September that the 3rd Infantry Corps buried the war deadThe Old GuardI also explain to that effect on Twitter.

◆ 25:movies"The Day After TomorrowIt is one piece from.

◆ 26:When the hurricane came in August 2011What was taken.

◆ 27:It seems that it took less time to investigate.

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