The sales record and lessons learned that it became like this when selling the iPhone application

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Applications that set and track daily tasks such as "exercise for at least 30 minutes or more" or "take a nap of up to 1 hour"My MinutesKamil Tusznio who made the application compiled the things that have been done since the application was released, the record of sales, the lessons learned by releasing the application, etc.Lessons From An App Launch"is. However, it not only means that you can create functional applications, but also analyzes what approach you need to sell, and it is a very useful record for free developers.

Lessons From An App Launch - Kamil Tusznio

◆ First day of release


On the first day of release, Kamil is a self-made application to an influential blogger "My MinutesI started sending mail about. I sent a personal email to a total of 23 blogs, but it seems that it was quite a workload although I was making a list of blogs and bloggers while waiting for the app's review . And around 1 pm, it is a social bookmark siteRedditPosted My Minutes' top page in the iPhone and Productivity, Entrepreneur Category. At around 2 p.m., the social bookmark service social news siteHacker NewsI also posted an article.

People seemed to think that the application was easy to use and well designed, and received a lot of favorable comments and support. In the past, there were some dissatisfactions that Hacker News' s articles accepted poor products by the community, and Kamil was a little worried, but that worry seemed to be frustrating. He says that the major technical blog that sent the mail naturally did not contact us. He thinks that My Minutes did not fall within the range handled by those blogs.

So after all it was a highlight to reply to Hacker News and reddit comments on the day of release. We corrected the top page, opened a number of tabs in Google Chrome, and said that they held comments and e-mails for as long as 12 hours while holding a refreshing update button.

◆ Numbers

I understood the following about access.

· 4134 people visited, and the average user stay time per person was 19 seconds on average.
· 1794 of these people were from Hacker News, 1043 had no referrer and 1005 came from reddit.
· Of all the people who visited the top page, 1.67% purchased, which is not bad for paid applications.
- 883 people visited the top page the next day after releasing the application, 129 people on the next day, many people later visited from Hacker News and reddit.

I do not know where 1043 people visited on the top page came from, but he is expecting to be a user of Hacker News or reddit who is using a browser extension that leaves referrers .

◆ Sales

The sales of the application was proportional to the number of accesses of the top page. My Minutes was purchased 56 times on the first day of release, 23 times on the next day, 4 times on the next day. Again, this is a bad number for paid apps. Based on the number of accesses on the top page, 1.63% of all visitors purchased the application, but it is strange that not all of the buyers are visiting the top page. It says Kamil says that the App Store must have made an organizational sales to keep the application above the new arrivals list.


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· Release early

He kept the functionality of the app to a minimum, and put the app in front of the user as soon as possible. This allowed us to get more ideas from people on Hacker News and reddit. Because the function is small, the user could imagine the function to be easily added.

· Check market appeal of app's appearance

To prevent the app from becoming a formal atmosphere, heMarkerFelt fontWas used.

And I said that I wanted to make something contrasting with apps with many functions in the App Store that have many similar products. These complaints are what he heard from many people throughout the day. People like more professional apps, including fonts. In addition, My Minutes 1.0.1 seems to be using a clearer Thonburi font.

· It is difficult to have it taken up in a blog

While examining many bloggers to contact, he did not contact bloggers until the day of release. This is obviously a failure. He did not give bloggers enough time to check and review their own apps. If you would like me to post to the blog on the first day of release, I should have contacted many bloggers beforehand and made a relationship. The result may be raised by having it handled by a good blog, but in order to do so, it is necessary to make a sufficient foundation in advance.

· Consider price

Kamil says he did not think much about the price. Others who are making the app seemed to make the price either 0.99 dollar (about 80 yen) or 1.99 dollars (about 160 yen), so if it is relatively simple his app wants to raise sales , We reached the conclusion that it should be $ 0.99. I was worried that I would not pay as much as $ 0.99 for a simple application so easily, but the fact that it is a minimal feature is itself a feature. Many of the comments received on that day praised the simplicity of My Minutes. The app is extremely easy to use, so people can start tracking the time they set themselves. From a later point of view, you should not be afraid to set the price to 1.99 dollars, but if you set it for $ 1.99 you do not know what sale it was.

Also, there is a free model for another thing he did not think too much about. Because Kamil independently develops it, you need to earn money from the application. $ 0.99 seemed clearer as a way to earn daily income.

· Do not ignore SEO

According to Hacker News user's suggestions he investigated the basic SEO in both the application's description and the top page. Luckily, he was releasing it using reasonable keywords in a gathered place. If you made a mistake, he said that it was possible to make the keywords in the App Store even longer, making the keywords even more exciting. Kamil thinks that "My Minutes" should have been submitted as "My Minutes Time Tracker". You may try out the title from My Minutes to My Minutes Time Tracker when updating.

◆ Free app

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In the first few days, the app was accepted well, sales were modest, but the number of accesses gradually declined. He wants to build the function again, but in order to make it succeed you need a further My Minutes user. With that in mind, it seems that he made a new free application. When I reposted to reddit, he says that the result was quite good.

As it used to be, people are willing to try free apps. Of those who visited from reddit, 1.67% of people who actually installed paid apps were up, but in free applications jumped up to 7.58%. There were also many installations when accessing from a blog which reviewed My Minutes, and it reached 43.96%. These are the importance of determining the environment and target. People coming from influential blogs etc. are more interested in recording personal time than people coming from reddit entrepreneur category.

◆ Future Trends

ByMarco Bellucci

A week after the application was released on the App Store, My Minutes got 566 users and ranked 185 in reddit's productivity category. Next you have to finish the app with feedback from the user while selling the item. We have to decide whether to make premium features like time reports or make Android version of the application, and we must continue to appeal existing My Minutes in addition to development work . He said that he will write the day when the app started and when he updated it will show how the application has been accepted so far.

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