A star with four suns is discovered by volunteer volunteers

NASA's spacecraftKeplerA site to actually find a new planet that can be harvested using the star data collected byPlanet HuntersVolunteers gathered in the newly discovered four planets with the sun.

BBC News - Planet with four suns discovered by volunteers

PH1: A planet in a four-star system «Planet Hunters

This plan was named "Planet Hunters 1 (PH 1)" after Planet Hunters. Kian Jek and Robert Gagliano who live in the United States discovered PH1. After the planet they discovered, a special astronomer team later confirmed the presence in Mauna Kea, Hawaii, using the Kec telescope.

PH1 is thought to be a gas planet with a smaller radius than six times the Earth, slightly larger than Neptune.Binary star(The two stars interacting with each other and attracting each other and revolving around a common center of gravity)Seika PlanetIt is not only that, but he also discovered a pair of stars tied to gravity by 90 billion miles away from the planet. Binary stars themselves are not uncommon, but there are only seven consecutive star planets, including PH1 so far, and in addition there are other binary stars within the distance affected by gravity This is the first time for me. If you stand above PH1, you can see four stars at once.

More importantly, this planetary system is useful for understanding "how planets are formed". The PH1 pulled by the four gravity creates a complex environment, but the orbit of the planet is stable. Professor Chris Lintott of the University of Oxford commented on this: "There are six other planets that are established very close to each other around the two stars, which is probably due to protoplanetary discs (dense gas that creates the planetary system It means that the planet is formed inside the torus of the planet. "Planets can form stable orbits by being formed adjacent to each other"BBCI told you.

People who visit Planet Hunters randomly access Kepler's target data and mark the place where the star darkened.

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Such discoveries are hard to be done on computers, and humanPattern RecognitionAccording to Lintott, new data will be uploaded to Planet Hunters, and furthermore, we are recruiting people who will find the planet.

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